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Our Journey in 2013

We, at SAAVI, have enjoyed our growth in 2013! We're excited for newer and greater experiences in our work in 2014!

prasanna Vengadam

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Our Journey in 2013

Our Journey in 2013
Education/Civil Rights
Gandhi Fellowship
Emerging and Youth Leadership
Partnered with Michigan United in mentoring and training Gandhi Fellow
Held community events to highlight issues in education, immigration, and civil rights
Started a high school chapter - International Academy East in Troy, MI to encourage civic participation and leadership
More New Beginnings
2013 has been a great beginning!This is another beginning! We look forward to a great year ahead. See our annual report!
Advocated for plaintiffs' civil rights in Lotus Bank case
Gained support from allies from racial justice, civil rights, and community organizations
Working on My School, My Space, a racial equity project to enhance well-being of kids in elementary schools
Civil Rights

We look forward to another
great year!
We served over 100 community members in becoming U.S. citizens
We worked with great partners like Michigan United and the New Americans Campaign collaborative!
We advocated for immigration reform in Washington D.C. and Michigan
Working on ACA outreach and enrollment
Joined AIM For Equity network to advocate for health reform
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