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Photography History

No description

Joey Joe

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Photography History

Photography History
Polaroid Company
Coloured Film
In 1963 Polaroid released Polarcolor film
- This film was the first instant coloured film, it fasinated the pubic, making it very popular

First Coloured Photo from Space
- The first photograph of earth rising to the moon was taken on December 24, 1968
- 70mm color film, Earth's terminator touching the horizon.
- The photo was later made into a stamp
- Astronaut Williams Ander took the photo
Edwin Land Camera
- The
- Made the art of instant, gratification possible
- This was introduced in 1972
Hall of Fame
During this year, Edwin Land and George Eastman were put in the national inventors Hall of Fame
Kodak Photo CD System
- The Photo CD process converts negatives or slide to CD images
- Kodak Photo CD system recorded ups to 100 images on a single CD
Canon electric Still Camera
- Color electronic still camera it is designed for commercial broadcasting use
- It was tested at the '84 Olympics

In 1934....

-FujiFilms (aka Fuji Photo Film Company) was founded

-This company was very important to the photography industry and it eventually became one of the big production company


-Is the very first multi-layer colour film
-Attracted the public and more
people became interested

During this time
The Exakta Camera is one of the first SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) cameras.

The technologies found allowed it to have
-Built in flash which is activated by the Shutter
-35mm Film

This was a breakthrough in photography industry
Which lead to better quality pictures

Cameras Evolving
More People

Became more affordable
and less expensive
- In 1937 Polaroid Company was first founded.
- The company was announced to release their first instant camera
The camera was released about 10 years later
From this point..
Polaroid, Kodak, Fujifilm's, and a couple more companies were revolutionary to the photography industry and history
- During all these years, the popularity of photography grew rapidly, and more people began to take interest in the art of photography
Because of the technologies discovered and created; photography was made easier for amateurs and even professionals
This resulted in more people, who were able to do photography
10 years later...
10 years later

Polaroid released their first instant camera
called the "
Land Camera
The camera came with a sac of developer and fixer thus allowing the user to develop their film wherever they are
It developed in a time span of 60s which has never been done before. This caught the public's attention
Around the same time..
The first underwater camera was made
-Underwater Photography became more popular
-One of the most sold ones, the Nikonos, were evolutionary to this type of photography.

In the same year it was the execution of a Viet Con Guerrilla
Kent state Protest

Patty Hearst and the SLA bank robbery
-This was the company that introduce the first point and shoot camera
-Autofocus c35 AF
- It was called "Jasupin"
Man walks on the moon
Sony demonstated first consumer camcorder
Pixar Digital Imaging Processer
The Pixar Image Computer
was a graphics designing computer originally developed by the computer Division of Lucasfilm, later renamed
-It processed imagery in 12 bits per color channel (or 48 bits per pixal)
Sony's the first consumer camcorder
-It was often used for filming forecasting news
-It was used on the video Operator's Shoulder
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