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Expository Essay Stations

No description

Mark Schoenfeld

on 5 April 2018

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Transcript of Expository Essay Stations

Choose a station based on what you need to work on for your expository essay.
Expository Essay Stations
Improve Controlling Idea & Reasoning
Start from the beginning:
1) Brainstorm ideas, reasoning, and examples beneath the prompt.
Web, list, or anything else to come up with ideas

2) Use parts of the prompt in your controlling idea.
"One thing that would make the world a better place is...

3) Include two reasons in your controlling idea.
Two reasons why it would make the world a better place
-or- 2 reasons why it's a problem
"One thing that would make the world a better place is ... because ... and ...
Expand Examples & Explanations
1) Read back over your body paragraphs (2 & 3)

2) Underline your examples and squiggly underline your explanations.

3) Now ask yourself: would a total stranger know what I was talking about?

4) Go back and revise your examples and explanations.
Satisfying Sentence Fluency
1) Get two highlighters or colored pencils.

2) Underline every other sentence with a different color (ex: red, blue, red, blue)

3) What do you notice about sentence length?

4) Look for sentences you can combine with compound, complex, appositive, or series
Notes in your foldable in your WNB!
Press right arrow to see examples!
Wonderful Word Choice
1) Have out two colored pencils or highlighters
2) With one color, circle your strongest words and phrases.
3) With the other, circle words that could be improved:
not precise
ex: bad, stuff, things, it, they ...
revise the weak words --> thesaurus?
4) Look for words or phrases that you repeat and revise them.
Use the thesaurus!
Thoughtful Transitions
Transitions, or links, take place between words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Between words: FANBOYS, AWUBIS
Between sentences: for example, also
Between paragraphs: furthermore, in conclusion, another reason...

Click the right arrow to see examples or watch the video below to learn more.
Heavenly Hooks & Conclusions
10 minutes of independent work
Follow directions and do revisions on essay or lined paper
5 minutes of sharing & peer review
Trade work, read over it, and give feedback
Proofreading & Editing
Plug your ears and whisper read your essay to yourself, pausing to make editing marks as you go.

After reading--maybe twice--go back and correct and mistakes.

1. As long as you have your reasons and protest peacfully, your rule-breaking can lead to big changes.

2. Most rules are made for our safety, but some rules are unjust. In those circumstances, I believe rule-breaking is okay.
Remember that your task
for this essay
is to do one or a combination of the following:

Explain why the change you're describing needs to happen.
Explain how the change would work.
Explain what the effects of the change would be.

Of course, you can do a combination of these. Look over your body paragraphs to see which, if any, of these you do.
Compound Sentence - use to combine ideas
Two independent clauses (complete thought)
Combined with a comma and FANBOYS
Ex: My favorite class is ELA, but I don’t mind TX History.

Complex Sentence - use to compare/contrast ideas
Independent and dependent clause
With an AWUBIS (examples in WNB)
AWUBIS @ beginning = comma; AWUBIS in middle = no comma
Ex: Although kale is my favorite food, I will settle for spinach.

Items in a Series - use when being repetitive
Used when you list items
Separate items with a comma and put an ‘and’/’or’ at the end
Ex: My favorite foods are kale, brussel sprouts, and chocolate.

Appositive Phrase - use to give extra information
Further identifies a noun
Phrase is separated with commas
Ex: My sister, a chef at a fancy restaurant, is teaching me how to cook.
A good hook and conclusion work together like two pieces of bread: they hold the essay together and are closely related.

1. Read your introduction. Did you do something to hook the reader?

2. Read your conclusion. Did you summarize your main points and connect back to the hook in some way?
Ways to connect back to hook: answer questions; reference your opening statement; rephrase your hook.

3. Consider a lasting remark: a statement that relates to your topic that the reader is likely to remember--a quote, saying, truism, etc.
give support to your essay by showing evidence that your reasoning is logical.

help connect your example to your reasoning by going into more detail.
To Do:

1) Read back over your essay, looking for places where the writing doesn't flow.

2) Pay close attention to the first and last sentences of each paragraph, but also to the transition between reasons, examples, and explanations.

3) Use the guide on the next slide to add or revise transitions in your essay.
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