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Beyond Survival: A Technology-infused Novel Study Unit

“Beyond Survival” explores the transformation of a novel study unit based on Paulsen’s Hatchet into an engaging unit.

Jordan Kent

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Beyond Survival: A Technology-infused Novel Study Unit

Reading novels Technology, especially social media Travel Literature classics Outdoor adventure I am passionate about... Wikis wikispaces.com Why use wikis?
Learn basic webdesign
Create multimedia texts
Create non-linear texts
Create a cooperative text
Wiki will last a long time and can be easily shared with parents, faculty, and future students 2 3 1 Ease of Use
4 / 5
Easy sign-up
Concept and tools need to be introduced to students
Recommend: 3 students per page maximum
Recommend: Ad-free educational account Students report that one of the most common topics of conversation on the social networking scene is education. Almost 60 percent of students who use social networking talk about education topics online and, surprisingly, more than 50 percent talk specifically about schoolwork. National School Boards Association's
Creating & Communicating:
Research and Guidelines on Online Social - and Educational - Networking 2 1 The report recommends that schools explore and utilize social networking sites. Why use VoiceThread?
Group discussions can be easily evaluated because comments and questions are recorded
Students are able to put more thought into their comments Ease of Use
2 / 5
Sign-up for every participant required
Students require training before beginning. Also, students will need to play around the site before they are comfortable.
Very "slinky" still Projects
Analysing visual texts
Topical discussions VoiceThread voicethread.com What is VoiceThread?
A site that allows its participants to have a group discussion about digital texts. Headmagnet headmagnet.com What is Headmagnet?
Digital flashcards Why use Headmagnet?
Fun way to memorise information
Identifying visuals
Students get to share flashcards
Provides useful feedback Ease of use
3 / 5
Requires sign-up
Requires some instruction on how to create flashcards
Requires some instruction of how to organise sharing Projects
Group or individual studying
Increasing vocubulary
Novel characters Skype What is Skype?
Skype is a program that allows you to make phone calls over the internet. Why use Skype in your classroom?
Collaboration with other classes
Expert guests How easy is it to use?
3 / 5
Requires account, dowload, and coordination Projects Webchat with friends and acquaintances that can enlighten a topic
Guest speaker from other city and others www.skype.com Intro Jordan
Kent How to use this presentation Blog I'm not the only one participating today Introduce yourself Name
School/School Board
Level that you teach teachigen.blogspot.com Beyond LES Novels Others List three novels you would teach at your level
Doesn't have to be about survival
Write the names of the novels around your team name Survival Activity Vocabulary Students'
List Crossword Evaluation Drone ●
Turbulence ●
Momentarily ●
Abdomen ●
Dormant ● Welted
Pulverize Tatters
Altimeter Quills ●
Murky ●
Incessant Novel Evaluation Knowledge and Comprehension Theme & Narration Codes & Conventions Writing How-to Article Learning Vocabulary Outline Video Expert Survival Respond
& Reflect Novel Study
Brainstorm Thank you. Other Projects Game play
Magazine editing
Survivor How-to model video
Making of video
Student examples
Video Clips Tools Recording
Digital cameras
Extra batteries
Extra storage Editing
Moviemaker software Survival Narration and Character Writing Task 1 - Use this presentation to teach Hatchet
2 - Use the activities and lessons to teach another novel
3 - Learn some new tools
4 - Learn about what others are doing 1 - Introduce LES
2 - Introduce novel
(Yes, I will be reading a page aloud)
3 - Go through the novel study
4 - Do some activities
5 - Brainstorm novel study ideas
6 - Say goodbye
* * * * Choose a theme from the novel Talk Make the experience stand out Interplay between context, audience, and purpose
Aesthetics * Students read ahead
Lessons depend on homework completion Reading during unit Reading before unit Students read at their own pace
Unit can be richer
(not judgement or synthesis) * How can you use wikis? What videos could students make for your novel study? * Field trip Interview Preparing them for future assignment Students learned interview techniques in a previous unit
Review techniques
Students come up with five questions
Class decides on 10 best questions
Students applying competencies developed in survival activity * What expert can you contact? Share novel study ideas with your group
Write them on flipchart * jkent@wqsb.qc.ca
mrkent.co.nr Personal connections Purpose, audience, text Brief activities Students will create their own wilderness survival video
Understand genre by watching an episode of Survivorman
Students deconstruct text Students are provided with guiding questions so that students integrate different components of the response Students are finished novel My experience * Write your names During Ministry LES Read
Write summaries
Write vocabulary words
Occasional quiz Learn theme, narration, character
Write short story
Activity with group discussion
Expand vocabulary
Learn procedural writing
Learn basic web design
Learn television conventions
Create videos
Learn interview techniques
Respond and reflect
Student learning Time frame Approximately 12 classes * Jordan Kent teachigen.blogspot.com Secondary, Cycle One
24 students
Marjority Francophone
Few outdoorsy students
4 modified
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