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Community Spirit

No description

Victoria Truelove

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Community Spirit

Community Spirit
The plan
The plan for my community spirit event is to raise money for at least 10 charities based in the local area, through holding an event for all the community.

What will be Available?
There will be food, drink, activities and attractions tickets which will be sold to people for a certain price, to allow them to buy what they want.
15th June 2014 from the time 10am to 6pm
My community spirit event will be held on Kettlethorpe field.

. On my spreadsheet model I came to the conclusion that the maximum amount of people who are able to come, taking into account pitches, is 948.
My community spirit event will be held at Kettlethorpe field. I chose this venue as I felt it would attract the maximum amount of people because students and their parents/families will easily be able to find it in comparison to other places.

The Venue
At my chosen venue there will be 12 small pitches all being 4sq m in size, there will be 7 large pitches all 8sq m in size and then finally there will be 5 eating pitches all of 5 sq m. I decided to have this amount of each pitch all of these sizes as it meant that not only could I have more than enough food stalls and charity stalls but also I could have a good number of people coming too so that I can earn a good profit.
Kettlethorpe High School
But why hold a Community Spirit event?
.Community spirit is something that signifies a strong and tightly knitted community, therefore by holding my event I intend to bring neighbors, friends and family together.

.But more importantly by holding this event I hope to raise money for 10 worthey local charities. I decided to chose local charities, like the Wakefield Hospice because I felt that people would know a little bit more about them and be able to relate to them even more because they may have been or are in contact with them due to ill or in need relatives.
Food and Drink
.For my event i have decided to do a continental theme which will involve food stalls that include: indian, tai, chinese, traditional English food, mexican, candy and american food stalls.
Just like the food I plan to provide a wide range of drinks which will be suitable for all ages, from soft drink and fizzy drinks to wine and alcoholic cocktails. By providing such a range I hope that everybody will be able to find something they like.
To attract people to my event I will provide a variety of food and drink, which include:
On my model one of my assumptions is that I assumed only 50% of people will buy each type of food/drink what will the total packs required be?
Currently, I plan to hold my event of the 15th of July 2014 as the weather prospects are much more positive around this time of year.


On this day my event will start at 10am and hopefully finish at 6pm, because these times allow people to come at both ends of the day regardless of any plans they had already made.
As part of trying to attract as many people as possible I plan to involve a number of attractions for my community spirit event including things like trampolines and inflatables.

I have tried to chose rides which will be suitable for as wider age group as possible, the ones that I feel allow me to do this the best are: the popcorn carts and the coconut shy.
What if...
VLOOKUP and What IF for Attractions
The V lookup table I made for attractions allows me and others to ask how much money will be made, for example if only 2 people come and I sell tickets for £1.25 each.
They can do this by entering any number they like between 0 and 948 into the cell displayed above, and the Vlookup table should use this to find the income associated with that certain capacity.
Price/income to be made with this capacity
As part of trying to attract as many people as possible to my event I have introduced a number of different advertisement methods into my initial costings. These methods include paying for local radio time, buying billboard space, handing out leaflets and putting up posters.
One final aspect of my event is that I plan to give all those who attend my community spirit some freebies such as car stickers, water bottles wristbands and badges because I hope that this will make them more inclined to come and especially please the younger generations of my target audience.
Assumptions and What Ifs
I managed to achieve this number of 948, after working out the total room available which is 2371sqf, as I divided this figure by 2.5 which was the amount of space that I allocated per person.
Best and Worst
To conclude if the 917 people turn up, that I assumed, then my event should make a profit of £1703.33, after taking off my total expenditure costs of £6149.39. However, worst case scenario, if less than 700 people come I will begin to make a loss, but i feel that this eventuality is very unlikely considering the large amount of advertisement methods I have included.
Vlookup for Food and Drink
These are the vlookup tables which i made for food and drink. They allow me to ask a number of individual what if questions

Miscarriage association
Wakefield Hospice
Age UK
Macmillan cancer support
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