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GLBTSA 2013/2014

No description

Wil Lenox

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of GLBTSA 2013/2014

GLBTSA 2013/2014
The coming year...
Tentative Spring Projects
What is GLBTSA?
GLBTSA is FMU's only student-led resource group for those who identify with "non-traditional" gender and sexual inclinations. This encompasses vast swaths of the spectrum, though our acronym doesn't reflect that. Our work touches on equality, acceptance, and social justice for the LGBTQ(QI... et al) community on campus and at-large in the Pee Dee.
Executive Board
Wil Lenox
Teryese Grant
Meghan Toney
Lance Weldy, PhD.
Faculty Adviser

A typical year...
Leadership Training
Bake Sales
National Coming Out Day*
World AIDS Day
Homophobia Awareness Week
Creating Change
National Day of Silence
National Coming Out Day
Oct 11th
All-day booth/bake sale
Invite students to 'Come Out' as whatever. Mostly for fun.
Raise revenues. Give out Free Kool-Aid but sell hotdogs and baked goods.
We love donations of noms.
ex: Brownies from Sam's Club are $8, make 80 brownies which makes $52 for the club!
FMU on the whole lacks the presence of support that other universities have. GLBTSA has made a pact to partner with CCU, USC, Gender Studies, and Res Life to re-up and ensure Safe Spaces are in place as well as be AS LOUD AS WE CAN about the presence of the LGBT community on campus.
World AIDS Day/Black AIDS/Transgender Awareness
World AIDS Day 12/1
Black AIDS Day 2/7
Transgender Day of Rememberance 11/20

World AIDS and TDoR Fall in-line with the end of the semester. Intent is to plan a several-day event to cover this.
Homophobia Awareness Week
.... largely busted last year.
Planning for another dance w/ DJ. Possibly with NAACP to include Step Show/Vogue Ball
Question the Queer!
Safe Sex Panel (a la Wil getting to be a professional perv) w/ HopeHealth
Partner with TAOCATNA on Ga(y)me Night (Pwn you all at Halo)
Sexuality/Spirituality Panel aka " 'Go with God' vs 'You go girl!' "
Creating Change 2014
Januray 29th-Feb 2nd
Houston, TX
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Conference
Leadership Conference, great for networking
.... and we lack the funds!
National Day of Silence
Typically Mid-April
...Typically conflicts with exams. ffffffff!
Officially sanctioned by the club and will be recognized, but doubtfully will be an event/booth.
Fielding possibilites for a booth the week before to advertise that it exists!
But the night before...
Inviting teachers across the Pee Dee to come and learn about Queer Youth
Establish GSA's in High Schools
Teacher mentorship
Guest Speakers:
Harriet Handcock
Gloria Talcove
This is a big freakin' deal
Question the Queer
Dance Night!
Questions from the Audience?
Seriously, ask some freaking questions.

No seriously, have you noticed Wil likes to talk?
$10 semester
Main source of capital for club
You guys!
Anything else!
A note about proper noms...
Home-made things tend to sell the best.
If you cannot bake, you can let Wil know and he will help you! Possibly even hold a baking party and class at his house!
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