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Blank Space Rhetorical Analysis

No description

Bridget Dwyer

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Blank Space Rhetorical Analysis

As most of the world knows, Taylor Swift has grown up in the media. Since she was such a baby when she became famous, almost every teenage girl has once been inspired by at least one of her songs. Swift has allowed girls to have an outlet when they are either in their first love or going through their first breakup. We have all been there after our first breakup listening to a Taylor Swift song like Fifteen, eating Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream and crying into our best friend’s shoulders, it’s just what us girls do. Taylor’s career has brought tremendous success to her because she is not afraid to write about what is really happening in her life. She is the type of girl to sing about real life problems instead of going out and partying with your friends like most pop stars do today. Her fame and success has brought her millions of fans, not to mention dollars (TSwift’s net worth is $200 million and she’s only 25). Her videos have become famous on Youtube with millions of views each time they come out. One of her video’s was even broadcasted on MTV and was a huge success because of the antiquation of what she would do next. Swift’s fame has brought so much to her, which only allowed her Blank Space music video to become a number one hit.

Taylor Swift is over course well-known in the media for her dramatic personality when handling her love life and her breakups. She has absolutely no shame when talking about her past lovers. Her songs are always talking about her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart into pieces or her new boyfriend who she could see marrying in two days, it's just who she is. In her video she is a girl who is in a fairytale place where a boy shows up and which she immediately falls in love with. However, at the turning point in the song where she says, “I could show you incredible things stolen kisses, pretty lies. You’re the king baby I’m your queen” to “But the worst is yet to come, oh no, screaming, crying, perfect storms I could make all the tables turn.” These lyrics correspond perfectly to how Swift is acting in the music video. Of course she is going to play up her boy-obsessed and dramatic personality, because uh why not? She is Taylor Swift after all. Taylor goes from being in love with her perfect Prince Charming to cutting a picture of him with a knife and keying his car. The media represents Taylor to be this crazy in their light so Swift fights back by giving them exactly what they want to see. She doesn't give a care in the world about what other people think because it is her and who she is. She knows more than anyone that she can be a little theatrical and over-dramatic at times, but it is just who she is. And plus, the media wasn't making millions by the time they were 18 so they have no room to talk.


Pop stars today get a negative representation in the media because of the appearance that they put on, but can we really blame the media for that? It is almost impossible for a Disney star not to become the next hot mess in our magazines and such. There are many celebrities turned drug addicts, teen moms or even alcoholics by the time they are 19. But there is one pop star who only gets made fun of for her love life, and I bet we can all guess who it is, that's right Taylor Swift. Swift shows no mercy when coming to her songs. She openly discusses her love life and breakups thorough the lyrics of her songs and has gained millions of fans from it. Swift's Blank Space music video brought her boy-crazy persona to the next level though.

As Taylor Swift has grown up, she has always been in the media for her love life; not for drugs or partying, she seems to stem away from that sort of lifestyle. However, the media always needs to find something wrong with a person, so the only thing left for Swift is her relationships. The media has even gone so far to put her on the US Magazine covers with titles about “How He Broke Her Heart” to “Why She Can’t Find Love”. Do they really have nothing better to talk about? The Blank Space video forces all of what has been said about her into one climatic boy crazy video. The video is set in a fairy tale wonderland with a handsome guy, but once she sees him texting someone else, she goes over the top turning into a psycho ex-girlfriend. She screams and cries with mascara running down her face, forces a knife into a cake in the shape of a heart, throws his phone into a fountain, rips his clothes up and sets them on fire, just about anything she could have done, she did. Her theatrical ways in the video is a sarcastic and figurative punch into the media’s face. Swift does not care what the media thinks about her because her songs are for her and her fans. Her message to young girls is that she wants them to know boys are dumb, and that they will break your heart. She wants them to know that they may even go crazy after a breakup and that’s okay but it may be too much to go overboard. It's okay for her to do so because you know, she is Taylor Swift and all.

If there was ever a better time to come out with her music video, it was the summer of 2014. As we all have seen Taylor grow up she has gotten more famous, her track record for the amount of boyfriends has been definitely more than one would’ve anticipated. Her list of boyfriends grow because she has not really ever been in a steady relationship for over a year, but it would be hard dating someone way more successful than you… it would just be too much pressure. The media has constantly been picking on Swift for her boy crazy personality. Since her new album has come out, Swift FINALLY decided to take the opportunity on her new album to fight back against the media and their ideas about her. She plays up her boy crazy personality and mocks herself for her previous actions.

Resources and Constraints
Taylor Swift also has many resources to help deliver her message to the media. For one, she is Taylor Swift, she is an international pop star who almost everyone has heard of. Her fans are very supportive of her and the decisions that she chooses to make. In Blank Space, Swift not only has the means to get her message across to her immediate audience but her rhetorical audience as well. Her songs became number one hits normally before they are even out for a week. Her videos are able to go viral through the use of the internet and her fame. Her fans love almost every song of hers that she writes. In her video, her fans allow her to act the way she wants and give the media a message because they support what she does and who she is. Swift’s resources of her fans and her fame allow her to get her message to the media.
The Evidence
Blank Space: Rhetorical Analysis
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