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Teen suicides are

No description

Rachel Forbush

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Teen suicides are

Amanda Todd
Teen suicides are . They are the

leading cause of death!

people need to understand
"there is much more behind suicide than depression a complex misunderstood disease." -Liam Casey
Suicide Prevention in Schools
Yellow ribbion week is september 8th through 10th every year

Prevent Suicide
Suicide Rates in the Us in 2004
the states in the "suicide belt" are Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, montana Nevada, arizona, and new mexico
Depression...its not just sadness
Should suicide be made public?
Commited suicide on October 1oth, 2012
Its Chemical
artificial happiness...
making another human beings life so miserable they no longer have the urge to live.
do you really get it?
do you know?
"it seems as if the only way to know is through experiance"
-Albert camus

Yellow Ribbon= Suicide Prevention
Suicide around the world
Viewing suicide
society used to view suicide as ungodly and wrong.
Now, society wants to reach out to people with suicide thoughts so they don't have to make a permanent decision to a temporary problem.
coping with your problems
play sports
hang with friends

get it out
we can help
just a small amount of respect and understanding can
change a life
Making suicide public could cause problems
Suicide can give the family unwanted attention
62% of teens that committed suicide in 2012 had depression, only 17% knew that they had it.
Having suicide made public can get suicidal people help so they can talk to someone
Not their Son
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