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Kriya Lendzion

on 17 January 2017

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Transcript of Stimulants

"Bath Salts"

Stimulants: The Facts
The Brain
Chemicals that carry communication between nerves in brain and body.
- Pleasure
- Mood
- Energy
Increased alertness & focus - Can become OCD/
fixation, paranioa
Increased sociability, sense of well-being
& confidence - grandiosity
Increased energy - hyperactivity & restlessness
Decreased appetite
Rapid speech
Increased heart rate & blood pressure
Dilated (enlarged) pupils
Teeth grinding
Increased body temp
"High" only lasts about 20-30 mins (crack
even shorter) then withdrawal effects
The Crash/Withdrawal
Brain & body depleted & exhausted:
Fatigue w/oversleeping or insomnia
Irritability, hostility
Increased appetite
Vivid unpleasant dreams
Risks and Damage
Narrowed blood vessels means less blood flow and oxygen to the body. Heart damage or failure - from working harder/strain to get blood through vessels rhythm problems
Aneurism - blood vessel wall rupture
Stroke - not enough blood flow to the brain
Seizures, Convulsions
Ongoing Depression, anxiety
Extreme Irritability, aggression, hostility, explosive anger
Paranoia, psychosis (believing, seeing, hearing, feeling things)
Reduced attention
Nose cartilage eaten away
HIgher rates of automminue diseases (lupus) and Parkinson's
The List
Amphetamines: Adderal, Ritalin, Concerta
Pseudoepinephrine (decongestant)
Mephedrone & MDVP("Bath salts")
Central Nervous System (CNS)
central nervous system
is composed of the brain and spinal cord. Your brain and spinal cord serve as the main "processing center" for the entire nervous system, and control all the workings of your body.
Stimulants increase the amount of above, particularly dopamine in the reward center (limbic system) of brain
Changes the brain - depletes dopamine receptors so brain is able to create less of high on its own - user needs more artificial stimulant to feel same high. Brain also starts craving these elevated levels of transmitters/pleasure. Cravings = Brain-based.
Stimulants speed up physical and mental processes
Respiratory Failure
Heart Failure
Overheating (Hyperthermia/Renal Failure)
Powder cut with "bulking agents" to make it heavier and make more $:
Corn starch, Baking powder, Vitamins, sugars, laxatives, flour, animal de-wormer*, baby powder/talc*
Also w/numbing agents (lidocaine, oragel) and other stimulants (Caffeine, amphetamines, ephedra) to compensate for how much it's been cut
Similar effects but much longer lasting than cocaine PLUS:
Harsher burn to nose or mouth
Poisons body - breaking down organs and functions, and aging body & brain by DECADES
Meth Mouth
Extreme Paranoia/psychosis
Ingredients are flammable, explosive and corrosive
"We are in the Matirix...like wallowing in a sh--hole happy. Until the veil is lifted and we see it's a sh...hole." - Recovering meth addict

Wakefulness, energy, alertness, mild pain relief
Caffeine Content
: Monster drinks =160-240mg, coke=34mg,
Red Bull=80mg, 16 oz Cup coffee=about 200mg
Down side

People's sensitivity varies - some experience upset stomach,
diarrhea, agitation, increase heart rate, anxiety, muscle tremors
400+ mgs/day can = Addiction
Withdrawal = Irritability, achy muscles, headaches, fatigue,
depressed mood, anxiety, nausea an impaired mental focus
Studies show teens need 8 hrs sleep to function optimally - Caffeine
interferes w/sleep 6-8 hrs before bed.
Higher quantities decrease fertility and increase miscarriage risks
Mephedrone & MDVP
Heart palpatations
Kidney & liver failure
Breakdown of muscle tissue

Caffeine + Alcohol =
alcohol poisoning
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