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Jess M

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of India

INDIA Dreaming in Hindi: Coming Awake in Another Language Facts of India Things We Did Not Comprehend Katherine Russell Rich City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi William Dalrymple Location:
South Asia
7th largest country by area
2nd largest by population (1.24 billion in 2011) At the airport you have to take your technology
Differentiation between religions/events City of Djinns: A Year In Delhi About the Book Facts of India Religion:
Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainnism, and Sikhism (Origin)

Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Judaism and Islam (Influence) Facts of India Agriculture One of the most important economic sectors for the country
Dominant occupations of the people in India Economic Currency: 1 Rupee = 0.0185 USDollars Scottish born March 20, 1965
Moved to India in 1989
Award winning historian and writer
City of Djinns published 1993
Thomas Cook Travel Book Award
Sunday Times Young British Writer of the Year Award American born (November 17, 1955 - April 3, 2012)

Journalist and writer from New York

Battled cancer for 25 years

First book: The Red Devil: To Hell with Cancer, and Back

Dreaming in Hindi: Coming Awake in Another Language:  2009

Nominated for the Dolman Travel Book Award in 2011 Dreaming in Hindi Spent a year in India in (Udaipur)
Breast cancer survivor
Accepts a job offer from The New York Times
Learned how to speak Hindi & changed as a person Indian Culture
Personal experiences & science of language learning
Discovering a new language and culture & discovering herself
Using language as a way of “cracking the code “ to a culture About the Book “When we learn a language, we learn an entire culture”
– Katherine Russel Rich Cultural Difference to U.S.A. Consumer Behavior Summary of Markets Challenges Likes Dislikes India's history and early 1990's living conditions in Delhi
Separated and mixed cultures
Sikhs, Muslims, Hindu, Anglo-Indian, and eunuchs
Interviews individuals and families, important figures and commoners
Focused events:
Mughal Empire and The Partition Confusing at times (especially the first half of the book)
Typical traveler’s book: author is so into the experience, forgets to explain to the reader. She is “in her own world” Dreaming in Hindi Get lost in the religion he is focusing on
Had to do our own search to understand the history City of Djinns City of Djinns The consistency in introducing a scenario and the characters, a new concept, and then a story of the concept.
Translated dictionary and references Dreaming in Hindi The message Language is the key to learning about new cultures – and about ourselves. Family oriented
Service-based (dependent on others/ servants)
Caste System
Indian men have harems (several wives)
Arranged Marriages · Growing demand for luxury products and services
· Agriculture fertility
· Food
· Bollywood
· Marriage
· Fashion
· accessories
· apparel
· Real estate bungalows vs. buildings
· Lower income basic needs vs. Modern needs
· Traditions
· Drink a lot of chai tea
· Enjoy sweets
· Preparation for festivals
· Big cars vs. Little cars
· Bollywood
· Food
· Marriage
· Advertisements
· Preparations India's View of the World Indians Individual oriented
Self-sufficient and independent
No caste system
One spouse
You choose who you marry Americans Jess Jess Jess Jess Linnea Jess Linnea Joana /Skye Joana Joana/ Skye Skye Jess ???? ???? Questions Saval
· Servants resemble social status
· Several holidays separated according to religion and income/social status
· Festival of Lights
· Ramadan Festival
· Delhi’s culture shaped by The British invasion, Assassination of Indira Gandhi, and the Partition massacres
· City is separated into Old Delhi and Modern Delhi (Hindi) Linnea/ Skye Indian Culture · Family Units
· Marriages
· Time & Privacy
· Food
· Bollywood Namaste! Skye Linnea
• Clothes and jewelery (appearance is important)
• Luxury products
• Emerging market

• Segmented market
• Rural areas
• Religion plays an important role Opportunities ·Sympathetic to America's 9/11 event
·Strange to be single
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