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Amnesty international

my presentation on amnesty international

Estella Mackenzie

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Amnesty international

Amnesty International Amnesty international work. Amnesty international is a non government charity that helps people across the world that are entitled to human rights but may not be getting them. They deal with individuals, do lots of work for communities like the Deep sea and also do protests.
What are human rights? Human rights are rights to freedom and all humans are entitled to these rights they include shelter, food, clean water, family and to believe in what you want to.
Individual projects Amnesty does projects on individuals such as Dr Binayak Sen in India. He has been handed a life sentence after being convicted of 'sedition' and 'conspiracy'. Amnesty believe the charges against him are politically motivated.
Corporate abuse This is just one of there many campaigns and it tries to protect individuals from exploitation in business for example bauxite mining. “ http://www.protectthehuman.com/campaigns/demanddignity 1508 people have taken part in the campaign so far.
Music festivals Amnesty often hold music festivals to raise money and awareness of amnesty campaigns in a different way. So they are at different venues across the UK. What action I have taken? I have sent off a greeting card to the Deep Sea community's one of their many campaigns which is to stop people getting evicted out of their homes. I have also sent of emails on amnesties website.
How can you help? You can help individuals and communities by acting and taking part by writing letters, making more people aware, buying items at the amnesty shop, signing potations and donating money. Just by doing this you are helping amnesty.
Please take part in Amnesty's fight against inequality, exploitation, false imprisonment and discrimination.
The logo combines two recognisable images to convey complex notions: barbed wire communicates oppression, while a burning candle evokes hope. It was inspired by the Chinese proverb, “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness”.

thanks for watching!
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