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how to stlye Emo Hair

No description

Shannon Kane

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of how to stlye Emo Hair

how to style emo hair. by Shannon Kane frist grow out you hair then cut it
You could have long hair with choppy layers and hair with you could backcomb or you could have it slightly puffed with curly hair If you're a girl make sure you trim your fringe regularly, make sure it is longish and JUST about meets the top of your eyelashes when you open your eyes if you have a really short fringe it can make your head look big Layer You could have long layers , short layers or both! You could backcomb your hair or just tease it slightly and puff it up to give it some volum Boys you can get layers too! Though if you dont want to backcomb your hair you might just want to spike it up at the back a little Razor Trim your hair occasionally use a straight razor or a razor comb. It keeps your cut fresh and neat and gets rid of split ends. Also, it's best if your hair is dry, because you have more control of how much hair you cut Straighten your hair, with a hair straightener If you straighten it often, then use heat defense shampoos and sprays to keep your hair healthy Dye Your Hair random streak your top layers a brighter color Try to make it unique by adding random streaks of colors like pink, blue, green, or blonde Make sure to bleach the hair before If your parents are strict, get semi-permanent hair dyes Accessorize your hair Girly bows wicked hair clips of bats or spiders Remember not to go overboard and to
add accessories gradually or you will look like a poser. Just be yourself choose loads of colors and do what you want Don't be put down by people who call you "emo" or "scene" or try to insult you. Stand up for yourself and don't let them walk all over you. The End. Ihoped u like my power point What you need is.

Hair gel
A brush or comb
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