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Rabbah bar Nachmani and Rav Yosef

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Lily Kollin

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Rabbah bar Nachmani and Rav Yosef

Rabbah bar Nachmani and Rav Yosef
Rabbah bar Nachmani
Short Summary of Rabbah
One story in specific was how Rabbah bar Nachmani was a very young teacher of 12,000 yeshiva students and leader of his and younger generations. But he was very poor as well. And it certainly did not help in any way because he was a decedent of Eli the Kohen and he ended up dying at the age of 60.

Rav Yosef
Another Amorah is Rav Yosef who is lived in Pumbedita.
Just like Rabbah, Rav Yosef had a main teacher. His teacher was Rav Y'hudah. Just like Rabbah.
He was a teacher of many, 400 yeshiva students. But we were unaware of any main students.
His best friend, teacher and debate partner was Rabbah bar Nachmani.
In conclusion, we have learned a lot about these 2 Amoraim. I hope they can control a classroom full of 12,000 students! We have nothing left to say. Thank you for listening and watching.
It would now be the end.
By: Lily, Yoni and Elianna
Rabbah was a very young Amorah and lived in Pumbedita.
He had a brother, Kaylil, who passed away. So just being a great brother, he adopted his son Abaye. He raised him as a son of his own.
This Amorah was taught by Rav Huna until he passed away. Afterward he went to Rav Y'hudah to study with. He had many other teachers as well such as Ulla, Rav Nachman, Rav Sheshet and Rav Chisda.
Not only was Rabbah a student, but he was also a teacher. How incredible. His main student/ friend was Rav Yosef. Who was also his debate partner, if you were wondering. He also taught his "son" Abaye. Rabbah also had up to 12,000 yeshiva students.
Short Summary of Rav Yosef
Rav Yosef was a very humble man and was never afraid to admit his own mistakes. He was a man who loved the Torah. But as he grew older he had many illnesses and became blind. He started forgetting Torah and his adopted son, Abaye tried to remind him of it. He was still humble though, as he worked the vineyard completely on his own. In the past when he heard his mother speak he would say, "I will stand before the coming of the divine presence.

We, as in Yoni, Elianna and Lily researched and intensely studied Rabbah bar Nachmani and Rav Yosef. You may have heard of them, but there are so many Ravs, Rabbis, Rabbans, and Rabbahs, who can remember all of them? But from this prezi your mind will be blown from the amazing facts and stories of these past Amoraim.
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