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Science Project (Ms.Reimer)

my science experiment

Matthew Williams

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Science Project (Ms.Reimer)

Bad Bananas!
A science project by: Hunter Williams MY HYPOTHESIS:
My hypothesis is that the banana outside will rot the fastest My purpose: my purpose is which banana will rot the fastest, a banana outside, on a counter, or some place cold (in this case, the fridge)? Research: I did research on how long it would
take a banana on a counter to rot

Average time: 1 to 2 weeks

and so my control is the
banana on the counter How did i set up my experiment?

Step 1: first, go to the store and get 3 bananas.
Step 2: When you get home set A banana outside (if you don't want bugs just put it in a screened area) one on your counter, and one in your fridge. Take a picture of each, everyday, at the same time.
Final step: over a period of 7 days, take pictures and collect analysis. Independent variable:
where each banana was located(outside, fridge, and counter) Dependent variable:
how much the bananas rotted Thanks for watching and
I hope you enjoyed it.
This was a very fun experiment and presentation! Bad bananas! analysis: first day MONDAY: Outside In the fridge The Counter 2nd Day Tuesday Outside The Counter The Fridge Outside 3rd Day Wednesday The Counter The Fridge Outside Day 4 Thursday The Counter The Fridge Friday
Day 5 Outside Counter The Fridge Outside
Rank: pretty bad Saturday
Result day! The Counter
rank: really bad The Fridge
rank: The worst
looking fruit I have ever seen My conclusion is in the end, the banana in the fridge was the one that rotted the fastest. So my hypothesis that the banana outside would rot the fastest was wrong. I believe the reasoning for this is the banana in the fridge, since air can't go into a fridge, and since all fruit needs air to stay hydrated, the banana in the fridge would obviously rot first. However, the banana outside didn't rot because of how much oxygen is outside. BY: Hunter williams My constants are The type of fruit used in the experiment, what time you take pictures of the banana, and where the location of the bananas are. Constants:
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