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Honors English 9 Literary Elements

Jordan McCallister

Jordan McCallister

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Honors English 9 Literary Elements

Jordan McCallister Literary Elements Blue day -The Necklace
-Gift of the Magi
-The Most Dangerous Game
-The Sniper
-The Sound of Thunder Stories Used Honors 9 English HERE WE GO! Climax The most intense moment or turning point of the story Examples The Sound of Thunder When they get back from the past and discover Eckles killed the butterfly and changed everything The Sniper When he kills the man in the building across from him The Necklace Irony Contrasts between what is expected and what really happens Examples She works for years to earn thousands of dollars to pay back the loans for the necklace and in the end the necklace was only a few hundred dollars. The Sniper When he kills the man on the roof he turned out to be his own brother. Situational irony Situational irony The main idea usually expressed as a general statement that goes beyond the story line Theme The Gift of the Maji Love is more important than money The Sound of Thunder Small things can change big things A struggle between two opposing forces Conflict The Most Dangerous Game The struggle between Zerofe and Rainsford when Rainsford is being hunted by Zerofe Poison The struggle between Harry and the doctor when Harry makes a very racial comment The readers response to the text. Mood Examples Exaples Poison The mood is very suspenseful because it takes a very long time to remove the alleged snake The Gift of the Maji The mood is very romantic because of the great lengths they go to to give each other amazing gifts How the author feels about the text. Tone Examples The Necklace The tone is greed because the author trys to portray the protagonist as a selfish person The Most Dangerous Game The tone would be murderous because of the great deal of murder the author puts into the story Indirect Direct v. Indirect Characterization Indirect The narrator gives us clues about the character but nothing specific Direct The narrator gives us specific information on what the character is like Examples The Gift of the Maji Indirect There was clearly nothing she could do but flop on the shabby little couch an howl. (this is implying that she was sad) Direct Della, being slender....(saying directly that she was skinny The Most Dangerous Game Yes, even that tough-minded old Swede, who’d go up to
the devil himself and ask him for a light. (implying that he was tough.) Direct He was a tall man past middle age, for his hair
was a vivid white; but his thick eyebrows and pointed
military mustache were as black as the night. (describing exactly what he looks like) The Most Dangerous Game Characterization How a writer creates people in a story to make them seem real. Round Some background; Displays multifaceted personality Flat Little or no history. Little or no traits. Dynamic Changes in course of story Static Remains the same throughout story Round Zerofe- You know all of his childhood and aperance Flat Whitney- All you know about him is that he is a hunter Dynamic Rainsford- He though hunting was perfectly harmless until he was hunted Static Ivan- He dosen't any change except for alive to dead The Necklace Round Madame Loisel- You know about her past and her thoughts and her personality Flat Monsieur Loisel- You don't know much about him at all
Dynamic Madame Loisel- In the beginning she was self righteous but after working for many years she became a more appreciative person. Static Monsieur Loisel- He was always a hard working individual so he went trough little change The view from the person who is telling the story. Point of View 1st person When the story is told by a character using words like I, me and my 3rd person limited When the story is being told by someone not in the story and they only know what one character is thinking 3rd person omniscient When the story is told by someone not in the story and they know everyone's thought's The Necklace 3rd person omniscient The Sniper 3rd person limited Poison 1st person- Timber Thanks for Watching!
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