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Ocean wave power


Bella Geist

on 14 December 2009

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Transcript of Ocean wave power

Solar power In Hamburg, Germany, they
researched solar energy, and created a panel that was more
efficient (18.4% efficient) Some of the countries currently
using solar power as an alternate source of energy are:
USA and Canada Benefits of solar energy:
Doesnt pollute the earth
Makes us less dependant on the earths fossil fuels(oil)
once installed, solar panels offer free electricity The downsides to Solar energy:
Installation of the panels are costly (up to $1000)
The solar panels only generate electricity during
daylight hours.
Pollution in the air affects solar panels, which could be a
problem in industrial areas.

Solar panels are expected to replace wind turbines
as a source of electricity. Solar panels are more efficient
and doesnt transfer as much energy out through thermal and sound
energy. Comparing prices......
Wind Turbine: $3,450,000 per megawatt
Solar panel for your roof: $20,000 ($10-$12 per watt) We think we should use solar power
in the summer when there
is more light from the sun. We should use wind power in the fall and winter. 0.8% of global electricity is powered by solar energy. Many people use solar power to generate their homes.
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