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Evolution Theory

No description

Lili H.S.

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Evolution Theory

Evolution Theory
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
Lamarck- “Natural tendency toward perfection”
Defines the concept
of species- 1686
Use or disuse of any organ
next generations Inherited
the acquired traits
Environmental factors
Not through miraculous interventions
Lilia Margarita Hernández Sotelo A01421625
Alejandra Carla Cruz Gabriel A01421624
Carlos Parrodi Martínez A01421454
Santiago Noriega Lozano A01421441
August 9, 2013
Cuernavaca, Morelos
How was it born?
Galapagos islands
Species produced a limited number of descendants
He assumed that the supplies available in a habitat must be limitted.
The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection (1859)
J. Ray
This led to a fight for survival in which only the one that had the strongest and most appropriate characteristics to adapt would live.
stated that a specie never
borns from the semen of
another one
and viceversa.
Comte de Buffon
First to use the term "evolution"
He wrote that every family, animal, or vegetal has the same origin but they do change through time due to the environment
All animals come from one that with time has produced all breads that exist.
Alfred Russel
Intelligent Evolution
This theory says that "no organ or attribute of an organism will be developed and retained unless it affords it a survival advantage"
This theory was developed around the 19th century and it is based on
Darwin's Theory
Hutt n
(1728-1788) He tells that everything that happens today is not different that what always has happened. All processes are the same and very slow.
Why a theory and not a law?
Darwin's theory
When he traveled to these islands, he
noticed that in every single one, the species that lived there had different traits that allowed the to feed and therefore survived.

This theory allowed many studies to be made.
What is it used for?
It contributed to many science fields. Evolution is a key
element that connects almost every biological research to the past.
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This theory was hardly judged, discarded
and rejected.
This theory was not easily accepted by people of different religions because it went against faith and God.
Laws state facts, not describe them
Theories- accepted hypothesis that explain why.
Theories are valid as long as there is no evidence against it.

Darwin's 1º postulate
"The Origin of Species"
natural selection- explains how a land mammal turns into a whale.
He used the North American
black bear to explain this.
NO ONE accepted this ideas; it was later known that Darwin was right, he just used the wrong example
This theory is still valid because there has not been found any evidence that dismisses it.
It explains how and why evolution happens.
Impact in biology and other areas
Modern thought and science have been affected because it gave a whole new perspective and scientific study.
It gave us a possible answer of where we come from.
New meanings to professions such as paleontology, anthropology, and genetics

Do you think it will continue existing?
We think it will continue existing until someone else starts to investigate and discovers a new possible explanation of where we come from.
Humans come from apes- "Histoire Naturelle"
18th century
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