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Steps to Tying Families Together - FCC Conference 2016

Overview of Family Support Services of North Florida's STEPS (Strengthening Ties & Empowering Parents) and HRNB (High Risk Newborn), a comprehensive family support services program for safe families at High/Very High Risk for future abuse or neglect.

Lynnea Maystrick

on 22 July 2016

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Transcript of Steps to Tying Families Together - FCC Conference 2016

STEPS to Tying Families together
Family & Community
& advocacy

High Risk Newborn
There are many ways to work with and support young children and families!
There are a number of paths and possibilities in preserving families.
Driving this car through our community takes you on our journey of prevention.
STEPS in school
Working directly with children in the elementary schools located in high risk areas. Assists with increasing school performance by increasing connections.
CWEEP: Birth -5 yrs:
Time of amazing growth and development.

: access quality centers and early learning programs.

: receive training, continuing education, support, and coaching.
Data / Sustainability
Family Engagement / Home Visiting
ASQ and ASQ-SE (Ages and Stages) assessment activity is an important way to engage families in children's learning and development.
Intake: Community referral, Self referral, DCF referral

Case load/assignment

Evidenced Based Components: 1:1 Parenting, Budgeting, Assessment Tools
Health Care Coordinator
Access to primary and preventive health care.

Medical Wellness
Behavioral Health Care
Medication education
Stress Management
Home Safety

Health Care
Complete Screening/Assessments:

♣ Ages and Stages ASQ / ASQ-SE
Depression Scale CES-D
♣ Adverse Childhood Experiences ACEs
Domestic Violence Conflict Tactics Scale CTS
Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment SBIRT

2015 STEPS : cases : 690 children : 1594
subsequent investigations : 42
re-abuse rate : 5.7 %

2015 HRNB : cases : 177 children : 386

more Data
Maybe a table or other info ..........

High Risk Newborn assess during each visit
Health Issues
Parent History
Developmental Delays
Quality of parent-child interaction
Family situations
4 Therapists including 1 Lead Therapist/Supervisor
3 Therapists carry a caseload of 12 cases
1 Lead Therapist supervises and has a caseload of 6 cases
High Risk Newborn Team
trengthening Ties Empowering Parents

Thank you for joining us today
Jewish Family &
Community Services
Daniel Memorial
Children's Home
Northside Community Involvement
High Risk Newborn
Health Care Coordinator
* Risk assessment
* Behavior Modification
* Budgeting
* Parenting
* Early Childhood Development
* Infant Mental Health
* Parent child interaction/bonding
* Behavioral observation
* Co-located / elementary schools
* Coordinates with school staff
* Children feel supported
* Fills gap between school & home life
* Health Education/Coordination
* Early Intervention Assessments
2015 : 60 children referred
50 accepted services
39 prior DCF reports
0 removals to date
Early Learning
High Risk Newborn
Help educate and support the caregivers with:
Role as a parent
Increasing their infants ability to explore and master environment
Expressing and regulating emotions
Foundation of trust, Encouraging bonding & attachment

development: coaching & training
AVMED Building
Dupont Station
Modalities used:
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Child Parent Psychotherapy
Psycho Educational Therapy
Document in FSFN and bill Medicaid
Child Welfare Early Education Partnership
FSS Training: More than Safety Practice & risk; Trauma Informed Care, Parenting, FSFN, Parent Engagement, assessment Tools, Family Team Conferencing
Supervisor On-boarding and Shadowing
Quarterly Prevention continuing education
Brain at Work
Oversight Coordinator: provides support and coaching to program supervisors and prevention staff
Monthly Breakfast Learning Series
ASQ : Sonora 16 months and Ayana 5 years
email: info@fssnf.org
Strengthening Ties Empowering Parents
Risk Tool: Investigative SDM and SASIF
Structured Assessment-STEPS Involved Families
Lynnea Maystrick MSOL FFSNF
Unit 567
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