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Cells Think-Pair-Share

No description

Mr. Johnson

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Cells Think-Pair-Share

What is the purpose?
Think for 30 seconds and jot down your ideas. Be prepared to share with your group.
Why do cells divide?

Imagine your skin cell is a single-celled organism. How will it reproduce?
Create a circle map with "stem cells" in the middle...
Stem Cells Video Assignment
Think about single celled organisms like bacteria or an an amoeba. How would they reproduce?
Cells Think-Pair-Share
Cell division and Stem Cells
What is the difference between the two?

Which do humans use?

Which do single-celled organisms use?
Sexual versus Asexual Reproduction
What do you know about stem cells?
What can stem cells do?

Why are they important?

Where have you heard about stem cells?
Stem cells
Try to define and describe stem cells in your circle map as you watch the video
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