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Graduation Requirements

High School Credit Requirements for Harding High School: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Erika Huss

on 7 October 2011

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Transcript of Graduation Requirements

Graduating From
Harding High School 1. The MCA Tests
Writing (Grade 9)
Reading (Grade 10)
Math (Grade 11)

2. Earn 90 Credits

3. Pass Required Classes English Requirements (16 Credits)
Grade 9 = 2 Semesters/4Credits (English 9)
Grade 10 = 2 Semesters/4Credits (English 10)
Grade 11 = 2 Semesters/4Credits (American Literature)
Grade 12 = 2 Semesters/4Credits (World Literature) Mathematics (12 Credits)
*Must include Geometry & Algebra II
Grade 9 = 2 Semesters/4 Credits
Grade 10 = 2 Semesters/4 Credits
Grade 11 = 2 Semesters/4 Credits
What do these two famous Americans have in common? They both failed before they reached their ultimate goals!
-Lincoln lost two elections before becoming president.
-Michael Jordan was cut from the varsity team in 10th
grade before he became an NBA superstar. Science: (12 Credits)
*Must include 1 year of Biology
and 1 year of Chemistry/Physics

Grade 9 = 2 Semesters/4 credits
Grade 10 = 2 Semesters/4 credits
Grade 11 = 2 Semesters/4 credits Required Elective Classes: (36 Credits)

Fine Arts = 4 Credits *Must be a beginning and an advanced class in the same type of Fine Arts Class

Health = 2 credits

Physical Education = 4 credits *Must include PE 9

CTE (FACS, Ind. Tech. Computers, Video) = 2 credits

General Electives = 24 credits (Your Choice) Is a free-throw easier
than a full-court shot? Social Studies (14 Credits)

Grade 9 = 2 Semesters/4 Credits (World History)
Grade 10 = 2 Semesters/4 Credits (Human Geography)
Grade 11 = 2 Semesters/4 Credits (U.S History)
Grade 12 = 2 Semesters/4 Credits (Economics & Government)
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