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Honors World History

kailey bender

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Suleyman

Suleyman the Lawgiver (soo-lay-mahn) 1. Always led his armies himself instead of having generals lead it for him. Which led to no arguments about strategies and tactics. Everyone had to do what the sultan said without question.
2. His soldiers were elite and they were well trained, something that no other empire at the time possessed.
3. He made sure they had the best weapons and their artillery had the best cannon. Combined with their training, this made them more effective in battle than their enemies. Great Military Leader & Why? Things that formed... Cultural Flowering in Suleyman's Land. Ruled during the peak of the Golden Age of Islam
Built a lot of Muslim churches and government buildings
His father, the previous ruler, was so feared that people were so nervous of Suleyman taking the throne, when he finally did he was nothing like his father. Reputation and Importance Great Lawgiver & Why. Suleyman the "Lawgiver" His Highly Structured Social Organization November 6, 1494-September 6, 1566
Selim's son
Came to throne in 1520
Ruled for 46 years-Ottoman Empire reached peak size during this rule.
"Suleyman the Lawgiver" is a nickname from his people.
Know as "Suleyman the Magnificent" in the West, because of his court and cultural achievements.
Became sultan at age 26. -Penalties for: various criminal acts, bureaucratic, and financial corruption. -Aimed to reduce bribes -made imprisonment without
trial not allowed -promotions not based on merits were
rejected. -introduced idea of balanced budget for
governments. His family:
Roxelana, his wife.
Mihrimah, his daughter.
Selim II & Ahmed II, his sons. Suleyman's Family -Employed Sinan-world's finest architect- to make the Mosque of Suleyman. Includes... Four schools (Qur'an Schools)
-Medrese, Hadith, Primary School, Medical College.
-Caravanserai -Creative period-similar to Renaissance-Painters and poets looked to Persia&Arabia for models. -Used foreign influences to express
original Ottoman ideas in a Turkish
style, cultural blending. Binding the Ottoman Empire together in a workable social structure was Suley's crowning achievemnt.
He created a law code to handle both cival and criminal actions.
Simplified the system of taxation and reduced government bureaucracy. These changes bettered the daily life of almost every citizen and helped earn Suleyman the title of lawgiver.
The devshirme system, the sultan's army drafted boys of the people of conquered Christian territories, was made up of 20,000 personal slaves.
The army educated them, converted them to Islam, and trained them as soldiers. An elite force of 30,000 soldiers known as janissaries, was trained to be loyal to the sultan only.
As a muslim, Suleyman was required to follow Islamic law. The Ottomans granted freedom of worship to other religious communities, particularly to Christians and Jews. They treated these communities as nations, which they allowed to follow its own religious laws and practices. He was kind and demanded complete loyalty of all his subjects and also, he filled his palace with music and poetry
People eventually named him the magnificent
He often wore eye make-up and a head dress to show he was superior. Suleyman's wife Roxelana spread rumors that Suleyman's son was plotting to take the thrown, when he found out he had his son brought to him and had him executed.
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