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Neymar,Suarez, Messi

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on 31 January 2018

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Transcript of Neymar,Suarez, Messi

Work cited page
Messi was diagnosed with Growth Horomone Deficiency, which restricted his growth when he was just 11. Along with the height problem, he also suffered lower immunity and poor vision due to this deficiency. The only treatment was injecting human growth hormone externally. According to Messi, "I had to start a treatment to help me grow. Every night I had to stick a needle into my legs, night after night after night, everday of the week, and this over a period of 3 years." His first club, River Plate didn't want to pay for his hormonal treatment which was costly, around $1,500 each month. The former coach of Newell who also became a technical staff at Barcalona, Adrian Coria said "Perhaps we weren't aware of it then." I think it is amazing that Messi became the best player in the world with a growth horomone deficiency.
Messi was born on June 24, 1987
messi is a foodie
My Culture wheel
By:Teo Tullar
one of my favorite things to do is soccer. I
love many things about soccer. I love playing it and learning about the sports history.
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