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Kandyce Prewett

on 30 September 2018

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Transcript of Scoliosis


-Define the Topic
-The History of Scoliosis
-Different Types
-How You May Get Scoliosis
-Living with Scoliosis
-Current Research

Table of Contents
What is Scoliosis?
-Spine is curved side to side
-May be a "S" or a "C" shape

-First found in 3500 BC by Hippocrates
-Named by Claudius Galen
-1768, the first back brace was made it was called the "jurymast brace"
-1902 doctors started to insert steel rods

The History
Different Types
-Thoracic: A curve on the upper spine
-Lumbar: A curve on the lumbar, lower back
-Thoracolumbar: A curve on the middle of the spine
-Double: Two curves on the spine that makes a "S" like shape
How you may get scoliosis
-No known cause
-May get more and more visible over time
-Can be born with it
-3 out of 100 people
-Mostly affects girls

-Back pain
-Uneven hips and sholders

-The spine has a curve to it
-Shoulders and hips will be uneven
-Depending where the curve is located

Living with Scoliosis
-Pain in the back
-Having to go to the doctor to see if it has gotten worse
-A ton of x-rays
-You may have a brace

-Keep an eye on it, no treatment
-Special exercises
-Wearing a brace
-Orthopedic surgeon
-Physical therapist
Current Research
-Trying to determine cause; may be genetic
-Twins have a higher chance of getting scoliosis - root causes

-https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqwD--MBYO0
-https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXMAGwzo1OQ

By:Kandyce Prewett
Health 3rd
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