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Trade Analysis

No description

sulaiman albusaidi

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Trade Analysis

Trade Analysis
UK interdependence
Products or services
Nuclear reactors and parts thereof
Mineral fuels and products of their distillation
Electrical machinery
Pharmaceutical products
Gemstones and precious metals
Trade Agreements with UK

the North American Free Trade Agreement

the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation
Major Trading Partners
United States
United States
Government of Canada (30th April 2013) Canada's State of Trade: Trade and Investment Update 2012. Retrieved 25th February 2014 from
Foreign Direc Investment (FDI)
Investing in productive assets of another country. The assets include domestic structures, organizations or equipment but do not include stocks

Huge flow of capital and more jobs employment.
Benefits from the exchange of supply and demand in the international market.
Tax benefit
Increase of import and export, and the quality of products in international trading.
No trade restrictions to expand to foreign countries.
Exchange Rate Fluctuations
Possible Reasons of Fluctuations
Import and exports are the main roles:

Exports cheaper and firms will benefits Appreciation
Exports more expensive and less competition among firms
International Business Partner
IATTO (International Association of Trade Training Organizations)

IATTO representing trade training organizations in 5 continents
Offers the only global system for: Accreditation, Program Certification, and World Trade Professional designation.
To help small and medium sized export companies to grow internationally
IATTO (International Association of Trade Training Organizations)
To provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas on international trade issues, as well as trends and techniques in training and education.
To stimulate an awareness amongst members and other interested parties of the need for and the criteria used in defining, quality in the delivery of international trade training and education.
To equip members and other interested parties with the knowledge and tools to enhance the professional development of trade practitioners in their respective countries.
To add to the body of knowledge about international trade by engaging in and/or supporting relevant research initiatives & international collaborative ventures.
prepared by:
Azizah Medina
Sulaiman Al-busaidi

Ideas of independence are part of the national psyche, so acute that UK politics
is divided by how they relate to Europe. Being an island nation bequeaths them a
paradox. Geographical separation feeds their self-image as a country apart, but also
makes them more vulnerable and dependent on the rest of the world for things that
they cannot produce at home. Such relationships are controversial and confused by
history. While the Queen apologised for aspects of their colonial past, Gordon Brown,
the Chancellor of the Exchequer, went on record to say that they had nothing to
apologise for.

The UK Interdependence Report creates a pocket map of the UK’s give-and-take
with the rest of the world. It shows that the reality of their interdependence can be
at the same time rewarding, surprising, even amusing and, in environmental terms,
deeply unsustainable.

Asean Free Trade Area
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