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The Road to Retirement

No description

marsha stewart

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of The Road to Retirement

The road to retirement

prepared by: Marsha Stewart
Bob's path
to a worry-free retirement

prepared by: Marsha Stewart
Inflation is zero.
Contributions are at the end of the year.
Variables of the model do not include the savings or salary of wife.
Bob can decide his retirement age.

Post-retirement income
Age of retirement
How long will your retirement fund will last?
Considerations for creating the model
ecommendations & Conclusion
consider working past the age of 65.
Why? So you can enjoy a worry-free retirement!
Changing what you can control: Model results
Increase contributions?
Decrease post-retirement income?
To have the most impact on how long your retirement fund lasts
Which variable should you change
for the most impact on your retirement fund?
How can you make your retirement fund last longer?
Work longer?
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