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This is me

No description

Cate Di Bolo

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of This is me

This is me Hi! Hair and eyes I am cheerful and sometimes serious. I've got good sense of Humour These are my best qualities.
But I am not very friendly and I'm so shy! These are my worst quality. Animals Bologna In my free time my hobbies are... Clothes My name's Caterina,
I'm 13 years old My hair is brown and curly.
My eyes are brown, too. I live in Bologna. Bologna is in Emilia Romagna, in the north of Italy. It has a lot of church, for
example: San Pietro, San petronio & Santo Stefano. Bologna is very famous for its arcades.
I don't like it because It isn't modern! It's very old because It's a medieval town.
I like Bologna because it's very big and It has got a lot of shops and historical site. I have got a pet: It's a kitten. Her name is Minù. My favorite animal is cat! Because it's very sweet. In my free time I like playing volleyball with my friends, writing stories and reading books. I always play volleyball on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; and I usually play the match on Saturday or Sunday.
I read books when I have no homework and I have a little time to spend to read a few pages of a good book. I also like write about girls and boys who have life in front of them, I love imagine myself in different contests. I like wearing sport or casual clothes. I really like shorts and t-shirt and I don't like skirt!I usually wear trousers and t-shirt at school My favorite colors are blue, grey and red. I don't like orange. Caterina Brighetti Family I haven't got a brothers or sisters. I'm only child! I live with my mother. Favorite city I was born in Bologna, I like Bologna because it has a lot of shops. My favourite city in the world is London. I will live in London, in a beautiful house in Regent street. I will live in an apartment that I will furniture like a French house! My bedroom will have a lot of photo on the wall, a big bed and a huge wardrobe! Food I have breakfast at 7:30 am. For breakfast I have tea and biscuits . During the breakfast at school I have a snack. I have lunch at 2:10 pm at my grandmother's home. For lunch I have a different things, I often have pasta. I often drink water. I sometimes finish my lunch with a cream or ice cream. In the afternoon I often haven't a break. I have dinner at 8:00 pm. For dinner I have rice or meat. School I'm finishing the third Year of the middle high school with this exam. My favourite subjet is English and I'm good at it, but I'm terrible at Italian!
In September I'm going to go to Liceo Enrico Fermi. It's a Liceo Scientifico.
I hope I will graduate in languages and I think I will find a work in England. Favourite schoolmate My favourite schoolmate is Chiara Cocchi, Lucrezia and Chiara Fabbri. They are thirteen and they're got brown eyes and brown, straight hair. I like them because they are very sweet and kind. Television Social networks I like social networks. My favourite social networks are Facebook and Twitter because they are very useful. I use Facebook to chat with my friends and Twitter to follow my idols. But I think they are very dangerous because a lot of people don't use their real identity. Object My favourite object is my ipod.It is very important for me because it can cheer me up in bad moments.
It has a cover with the Union Jack.
I put in it all my favourite songs and it riproduces songs.
I would like to have an Iphone because it is a ipod with you can also phone and text. Summer holiday Next summer I'm going to do the exam untill the end of June. Then I'm going to do the first week of July in Cesenatico with my volleyball team.
The second, third and fourth week of July I'm goingo to go in America with my father.
The third and the fourth week of August I'm going to go in Mexico (maybe) with my mother. Actor My favourite actor is Josh Hutcherson, He's funny and very short! He's very good because while He plays is as if He really live. Cinema My favourite film is Hunger Games. The story is about a future country: Panem, is the USA today and It's divided in 12 districts.Katniss volunteer for Hunger Games in place of her sister and then her life has changed. The main characters are Katniss, Peeta and Gale. My favuorite character is Peeta because he's very sweet and romantic. I like this film because It's an adventure/romantic film! Sport My favourite sport is volleybaIl and I practice it three times a week. I have practiced it for 3 years. I like it because It's really funny and nice! I like team sports. My favourite sportsperson is Kevin Durant. He plays basketball in Oklahoma City Thunder, My favourite NBA's team. He's very tall and slim! I'm Italian and I live in Bologna. My birthday is on 24th July.
I'm a Leo. I am 1 metre and 75 cm tall. I 'm slim. Height & built Birthday and zodiac sign Personality Envoirenmental problems The main environmental problems in my area is pollution and traffic. In fact, the mayor has banned the access of transportation in the city center on Saturday.
This should improve the situation and reduce pollution and traffic. House flat I live in a flat, It's very big and confortable. There are a kitchen, two bathrooms, three bedrooms & a living room. It's in a country in the outskirts of Bologna. I LIVE IN BOLOGNA, IN THE NORTH OF ITALY.



IN SUMMER IT IS OFTEN SUNNY AND VERY HOT AND HUMID. AT THE END OF THE SEASON THERE CAN BE THUNDERSTORMS. PEOPLE GO TO THE BEACH. DAYS ARE LONG.IN AUTUMN IT CAN BE RAINY AND FOGGY. THERE ARE SOME SUNNY DAYS TOO. Season My favourite foods is pizza. It's delicious; I think it is healthy if you sometimes eat it, because It is heavy for our stomach.
I think I eat healthily because I often eat fruit and vegetables!
Unfortunately, I really like chocolate and ice cream, so I eat it.
I really don't like broccoli. I would like to taste American cheesecake.
I would never eat Japanese and Chinese food. People My best friend are Francesca and Eleonora. Francesca is fourteen and She's got brown eyes and brown, long , straight hair. I like her because she always make me smile and she help me in bad moments.
Eleonora is thirteen. She's got brown eyes and brown, wavy hair. I met her ten years ago and we are still best friends! Music My favourite programme is Dawson's Creek. It's on Italia 1, It's on Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Each episode during 50 minutes. It's about a story of teenagers. The main characters are Joey, Dawson, Jenn, Jack, Pacey and Odry. My favourite characters are Odry and Joey, because Odry is very persuasive and free. Joey is very pacefull. My favourite kind of music is pop. My favourite singer are Bob, Bruno Mars,Ne-yo & John Legend. My favuorite band is One Direction, I love them! My favuorite songs are Apologize, Forever Young, Beatiful Monster and Nothing on you. My hero My hero is Barack Obama! He's black and he has a very big and beautiful smile. He has a happy family with two daughter and a wonderful wife, Michelle.
He's the president of the USA! He's very famous and think he's my favourite USA's president even before Kennedy.
He is helping gays to make them people like us, that can get marry and don't be discriminated!
Obama has a very big heart and he want to help all the people that have a lot of problems.
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