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12 principles of animation

No description

Zulkifly Amirudin

on 10 September 2018

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Transcript of 12 principles of animation

01_Squash and Stretch
- Adding value and life to the drawings.
- Depend on element/ material of the subject
- A short action before actual movement.
- Normally opposite of movement direction.
- Think of casting fishing rod, or punch people
04_Straight Action & Pose to Pose
- this is where we decide on the acting.
- the middle pose lead to different mood/ act
Image by Tom Mooring
12 principles of animation
Example on characters
example on BG
example Squash
- it cover everything from characters, cameras to background
- proper staging can add value to the scene such as anger, mystery, love, etc
05_Follow through & Overlapping Action
-not everything move and stop on the same time
- unless you do a robot, or simple cut out animation
06_Slow In & Slow Out
- to make any movement more natural, we add slow in & slow out
- think of car when start move, and stop.
-most of organic life, need arc in the action
-it will add beauty to the movement
08_Secondary Action
-additional movement on object attach to main character
- it move a bit delay, and not stop at the same time as character
- think of Sunsilk model showing of their smooth hair, or dog tail when running.
- lets try it out!
- the number of drawing (BR, IB) used determined amount of time of the action
- make it extra. if sad, make it sadder, angry, make it angrier, ugly - make it uglier
11_Solid Drawing
-appeal doesnt meat cute or beauty.
-it deliver the characteristic to audience
-villain looks evil and grab audience attention
-a cute cuddly bunny makes people happy
example Stretch
please take note on terms:

- Shoot on 1 (fast, or detail)
- Shoot on 2 (common use/normal)
- Shoot on 3 (slow motion)

p/s: 1 second is 25 frames. So for shoot on 2 animation, you just need 12 drawings.
prepared by
Zulkifly Amirudin
Blair, P. (1994). Cartoon Animation. Tustin: W. Foster Pub.

Thomas, F., & Johnston, O. (1981). Disney animation: The illusion of life. New York: Abbeville Press.

Williams, R. (2001). The animator's survival kit. London: Faber.
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