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Social Studies Class

No description

marcos oviedo

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Social Studies Class

Do Now Have you ever played "wars" with a friend.
If so, what had to happen for you to surrender?

Think of a funny thing that happened for
you to surrender. The Fall of Atlanta After changing generals several time the Union finally placed General Ulysses S. Grant for winning major battles in the East.
Atlanta was an important city during the
Civil War. It was part of a plan by Robert E. Lee.
The plan was not to lose at either the capital
of the Confederacy or at Atlanta.
Atlanta was important for many reasons one of them being this city was concidered the workshop and warehouse of the Confederacy.
One more reason was to damage the complex system of railroads which supplied the Confederacy with supplies.
Also people were doubting president Lincoln so, if the war wasn't over a new president that might stop the war would be choosen. Surrender With Atlanta captured Robert E. Lee's plan was
falling apart.
So, in hope to fight more freely the General left
the capital to fight the Union.
But, knowing defeat was inminent he decided to
surrender at the Oppomattox Courthouse.
To surrender Ulysses S. Grant placed options:
To give the name of all soldiers and politicians
To not take arms against the Union government
Finally to give all weaponry except their personal
guns. What was the confederacy's plan to
stop the war?
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