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Rome Project-Jumar

No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Rome Project-Jumar

Rome project
by: Jumar G.
First Body paragraph
It's the law that pelbians can not stand up to the governors or they will be sent to jail. Roman governors forced the conquered people to pay very high taxes and spent money on themselfs and weapons for the army. Varginha is a slum and violent sometimes compared in the Middle east improvement to slow people anger. Most political message in the trip the longest protest across Brazil last month people were very angry to the goverment because the governors were spending money.

Second body paragraph
The wealthy and powerful people in Rome ignored the rich and the poor. The gap between the rich and it continued to grow 2 persons stood up for the poor.Poor families believe the families have more children are needed to look after their age.In India poor people died for hunger.Also males make more money in India so families just keep having children until they have 1 son.
Third Body paragraph
The Roman brought enslaved people from conquered land and they provided free labor. Farmers sold their land to the wealthy and moved to the city.Pope liked to help poor people because Pope want's the governors to get the poor a better life.2 main causes over population in India is still a higher death rate of number for women.
In Rome it's almost like the the city has a lot of poor people also in India? I will tell you what happen in Rome,India,and Brazil. So now I will tell you there problems that they had in there city.
In conclusion the Rome, India,and Brazil have many problems in their city. Is because there city get a lot of problems money and other things. Also their a lot of poor people and people that care for the world they help the poor
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