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The Masque Of The Red Death

A Short Story Written By Edward Allen Powe

darius nixon

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of The Masque Of The Red Death

Edward Allen Powe Aliyah Jordan
Darius Nixon
Elizabeth Lloyd
Dejuan Jackson
Jamal Burgess
Quantravious Gardener Group Members Fantastic; Distorted; Bizarre; Marked By Strange Mismatches Of Characteristics Word Of The Day This Is An Example Of Grotesque Art. 1 .) It is a terrible disease that is incredible fatal and struck the country. Questions Disscusion/Answers What is the red death ? Essential Questions Quiz Time Time's Up The Masque Of The Red Death Grotesque What did the black room symbolize ? What is the auothors purpose ? 2 .) The black room symbolize death . 3. ) Is to explain that everyone is a human and no one can escape death; no matter what. 1. What was the name of the author ? 2. What is the moral of the story ? 3. What objects had a meaning ? 4. What did the black room symbolize? 5. How many people were killed in Europe ? 6. What was the tone of the story ? 7. Who did the prince summon when his deminons depopulated ? 8. Why did the prince lock him and the rich people inside ? 9. What makes the prince think he can escape the disease ? 10.What did the uninvited guest symbolize ?
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