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Adena Utilities Engineering

No description

Micaiah Dawson

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Adena Utilities Engineering

ADENA Utilities
Engineering BY: Micaiah Dawson, Colette Ouattara,
Maria Holt, Devaughn Williams Our molecule is a trigonal planar. This molecule could benefit Nigeria because of the different ways it can be used. Because it is commonly used as a disinfectant to kill bacteria and fungi and also used for embalming to disinfect and preserve human and animal remains. Formaldehyde Purpose Proofs Mathematics How Could Formaldehyde Benefit an Impoverished Countries, Such as Nigeria? Adena Utilities Engineering Incorporated in Cincinnati, Ohio is trying to invent new and innovative ways to make engineering a more profitable industry . In order for the company to maximize energy efficiency, chemists are employed to research how different molecules work. In order to help Adena, we were asked to study and analyze a molecule using molecular geometry. Formaldehyde is made up from Carbon, Dipole, and Oxygen. What Is The Molecule Used For? • Furniture, flooring, stairs, and cabinets
• Building materials
• Parasitology labs for diagnostic purposes
• Disinfectant Formaldehyde is used in multiple things such as: How Will The Information Gained Benefit Adena? This molecule would benefit Adena because they can use Formaldehyde to supply families with secure and safe buildings. A B C D Statement Reason ABC = DBC



ABC= DBC Given


Reflexive property

SAS What Forces Hold a Molecule Together? Intermolecular forces hold a molecule together.

•Intermolecular forces are forces of attractions that exist between molecules. This concludes our presentation. Thanks for listening! prove: ABC = DBC given: <ABC = <DBC
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