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Cirque du Soleil

No description

Helena Belzer

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Cirque du Soleil

Budapest San
Francisco Cirque du Soleil: The Work Behind the Artistry The Famous......
Las Vegas, Nevada!
Cirque du Soleil performs most of its shows in this big city, playing to over 9000 per night. Cirque du Soleil, the History!

Cirque was started in 1984 by Guy Laliberte and Gilles Ste Croix, Baie St. Paul, Quebec, Canada
They pulled some crazy stunts to get funds in 1979, including walking 56 miles on stilts! Cirque du Soleil performs in every continent.......... From Budapest to 'Frisco! Cirque's headquarters are in Montreal, Canada All auditions to get into Cirque du Soleil are held in the headquarters. There are four main auditions:
General Sport
auditions are done in person or they are sent in in video format. The stakes are high, with sometimes thousands showing up, and only four are left when it is done. By Helena Belzer, Blk. 2, Claypool Shows & Costumes Every show has a unique theme, and the costumes reflect that. Alegria actually used 22 lbs. of glitter! Fun Facts! -Cirque went from 73 employees in 1984 to over 5,000 today!
- Because Cirque hires people from around the world, over 25 languages are spoken within the company!
-With all those tours, where do the performers live? In a moving town! It takes 3 to 5 days to set up, 8 to 10 to take down.
-There is a blue rhino head in the lobby. All images are from Google Images
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Cirque is a creative company pushing the limits of crazy! Thank You for watching!
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