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The Lottery Rose Irene Hunt

No description

Morgan Ludgate

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of The Lottery Rose Irene Hunt

The Lottery Rose Irene Hunt
Georgie Burgess is a seven-year-old boy living in Tampa, FL. At school Georgie seems mean, and portrayed as a bully. He talks back to teachers and gets into fights. Quickly I learned that Georgie is abused by his mother and stepfather. One day, while at the grocery store, Georgie is given a lottery ticket by Mrs. Sims, a clerk. He feels as though he will definitely win. When the lottery drawing occurs, Georgie wins a rosebush. He is extremely excited by his prize. He runs home with his rosebush and is upset to see Steve, his mother's boyfriend. Steve beats Georgie with a leg of a chair. He passes out from the brutality of the beating. When he wakes up, he is helped by a policeman and a nurse. Georgie is sent to live with Mrs Sims and her husband as their foster son. The court then decides Georgie should be sent to a boy's school.
Georgie seems to be an aggressive, mean boy. He has repeated the first grade twice and still does not know how to read. In school, his teachers take no interest in him and his schoolmates laugh at him whenever he struggles in class. Georgie appears to be a bully that no one can control, but it turns out that he has been abused at home ever since he was a child. His mother lets his stepfather beat him relentlessly. No one does anything to help Georgie and the boy will not admit that he is being beaten out of fear. The only thing that Georgie can connect with is a rosebush that he won in a lottery. The rosebush reminds him of the beauty of a garden that he has found in a book
All of Lottery Rose can be seen as a story of forgiveness. A couple of characters use the novel as a journey. They grow into more responsible, caring people that eventually learn to forgive and love again. Georgie is the most obvious person that needs to work on his ability to forgive. I cannot blame Georgie; however, for not being able to easily forgive those around him. Georgie was forced to deal with verbal and physical abuse that most human beings never have to deal with. His mother, who is supposed to love and protect him, did not do her job. Instead, she chose to leave her child to the mercy of a cruel, violent man. She also cared too much about her drinking to take time for Georgie. He takes this all in, witnessing his mother's betrayal. His his mind, all mothers become the same person.
Irene Hunt was an American writer known for her historical fiction books. She has written about 10 novels, but Across Five Aprils is her most famous. Hunt devoted her life to writing when she moved in with her grandparents, who told her many stories inspiring the basis of Across Five Aprils, after her father died. Irene Hunt was 57 when she published her first book. She went to University of Illinois, and taught English and French. She was born in Pontiac, Illinois on May 18, 1907 and died on May 18, 2001- her 94 birthday.
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