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Anvil's Prezi

No description

Yi Hiang Wang

on 19 August 2016

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Transcript of Anvil's Prezi

Hacking Love

Shot: VWS, WS
Angle: Bird Eye, Pull Out
Action: Background narration
Sound: Disney Opening
Shot: Medium Close, close, face close
Angle: 180 degrees, Top up and close up
Action: Sarzil flipping through facebook to find ons, however he falls for one girl after seeing the picture of Junsa.
Sound: Sinister music
Shot: Medium close and vclose
Angle: top down and 360
Action: Sarzil ask for help from a known hacker in school to find info on Junsa.
Sound: computer typing
Bumping into each other
Shot: medium close, vc, face close,
Angle: top down, fly-by, following
Action: Junsa starts to see Sarzil at every corner
Sound: Romantic
Shot: Medium, wide, vw and close
Angle: close up, top down and top up , eye level and far
Action: Fight starts between sarzil and junsa both show anger, and hatred due to hacking
Sound: Conflict/fighting musics
Shot: Wide, medium
Angle: 360, eye level, top down
Action: Junsa trolling Sarzil and posting private information about Sarzil online
Sound: combat music

Shot: medium,far to near
Angle:eye level
Action: Junsa still loves Sarzil and then Sarzil apologies to Junsa and she forgive him
Sound: love- love sound
Happy Ending

Shot: close up, mid, wide, extreme
Angle: eye level,
Action: at the beach facing the sun
Sound: happy ending sound
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