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The Burn Journals

No description

Bryan P

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of The Burn Journals

The Burn Journals
The book takes place in a few different places. It usually took place in the children's hospital but at times it took place in Brent's community and the rehabilitation center.
The story takes place in the mid 1980's. Brent lives in a small town near Washington D.C. The setting stayed in the same places for the most part.

The burn journals
by : Brent Runyon
Bryan Pena
English 10
Period 9
June 6 2014

The author, Brent Runyon in this book, shares his experiences as a young teenage boy who tried to commit suicide. The internal conflict was that he set himself on fire and was severely burned, but he survived and was hospitalized for months. He was being suicidal and dealing with different emotions and depression and the whole recovery process.
By: Brent Runyon
More Characters
Calvin: Brents Friend
Adam: Friend; Gave Brent the matches in gym
Megan: Brents Love
Amara: Brents cousin
Don: Brents Dad
The conflict of this story was the fact that Brent was going to get into trouble for the matches. As Brent lit the matches in the boys locker room and threw them, something lit on fire. In his mind, everything was fun and games, but the fact that he was going to get punished for his actions, killed him inside. Brent and his dad we're always on good terms, and he would always speak good about Brent. So since this happened, he decided that he had no reason to live for so he went home and burned himself.
“The only problem with seeing people you know is that they know you.” (124)

“He says everything like it happened to someone else.” (221)

So what does that make you think about God? I think that maybe, if human beings have souls, that maybe their souls are in their eyes. That maybe that's what the color is. Their souls.” (294)

The external conflict was the whole physical recovery from the 80% burns he had gotten. The recovery process took a very long time. It's just good to know that throughout this time Brent was recovering, he thought some things over and ended up learning a lot from his mistakes. As time went on, Brent had a ton of regrets, and had wishes to go back and not mess up once again.
Quote Meanings
Brent said the first quote when he looked at Megan while he was on his way somewhere. They got into a huge argument, and it led to them not wanting to see each other for a while. So when Brent saw her after their fight, he used that quote referring to seeing Megan as being a problem.
Quote Meaning (continued)
Quote Meaning (continued)
Brent said the last quote as if he did not care about life itself. He used it in such a particular form, that it just sounded like he had no soul. He also used it to connect two different thoughts, the eyes and the souls. Brent was making a connection when he said this. He was speaking about Adam when he used this quote, because Adam showed that he felt no harm when he handed Brent the matches.
Main Characters
: Brent is a really sad teenage boy who decides he can't take it anymore and tries to end his life but fails
Craig Venter
: Brents Brother
: Brents best friend
Dr. Rubinstein
: Brents psychologist
The theme I got from the book when reading was that accepting who you are is part of growing up.
There are always problems with relationships, kind of like you and your friend liking the same person. Getting in trouble in school is something people have to learn to get past and be mature about. But accepting who you are as a person falls into the decision of killing yourself. Brent hated himself, he didn't appreciate what he had and felt like "I love you" had no meaning to it anymore. That was why he decided that taking his life was the best choice.
The second quote was used by Stephen which is Brents best friend. He used this quote when Brent was explaining the story to him. When Brent told him the story about burning himself, he looked at him and felt as if he was talking about someone else.
Theme (2)
Another theme I got from the book was that the body has a will to survive
. Brent acknowledges this fact himself when he states that he had tried to take his life before as well as when he talks about turning on the shower and not knowing how it happened. All through his recovery he finds this inner strength that allows him to live. Strength will find you in times of weakness and show the world who you really are. Brent may have tried to kill himself but he proven that he is a strong character and will keep fighting.

This true story of a 14-year-old boy who tried to commit suicide by setting himself on fire. He was formerly an excellent student, Brent suddenly begins to fail in school and pulls one too many pranks. Sure he’ll be caught and expelled for impulsively setting a fire in a locker and unable to admit his guilt, he decided that it’s best to die. Brent was a smart kid, until he took it too far and decided to play this prank that would get him into a huge amount of trouble. So once they had told him his parents we're getting a phone call, he told himself that killing himself was the best option.
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