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Split Level style Architecture

No description

Lizzie Herman

on 15 September 2011

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Transcript of Split Level style Architecture

Split Level Architecture
By: Lizzie Herman
CEA 1 ~Popular from 1945-1980s
~3 or more levels
~Made with hardwood floors, wood and brick exterior
~It is mainly used in the west and midwest
~Split levels use asymmetrical balance in their design and horizontal lines to look calm
~deep set eaves
~intergrated garage ~the layout of the house is often the entry, kitchen, dining room, and living room on the middle level with a half staircase going up to the bedrooms and a half staircase going down to the family room and laundry/ basement area A B C D G ~http://www.antiquehome.org/Architectural-Style/split-level.htm
~http://www.fallingwater.org/ Sources E F H a. Identify the decade or years of most common use and when first used
b. Identify the typical number of stories for the structure
c. Identify and describe the building materials used in the style
d. Identify and describe the Distinctive features of the style that make it identifiable and unique; list the three most common
e. Identify and describe how the purpose of the structure, site location, the use of lines, form, color, texture, rhythm, balance, proportion, and unity are used in the architectural style.
f. Provide at least three examples of the style; include an example from the local area if appropriate, using sketches if digital images are not available.
g. Provide information about the use of the style, such as its use as a residential, industrial, or commercial structure, architects who may have used the style, and other information that will enhance learning about the style.
h. Identify and describe the location, state, or country, where this style is most commonly used.
It is used in residential buildings and it's most famous architect was Frank Lloyd Wright his most famous split level home is the Falling Water house Sources
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