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G325 - Narrative

No description

Tania Kabbani

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of G325 - Narrative

Paragraph 1 In my A2 project, I created a music video, CD cover, advert and a planning/evaluation documentary for the invented girl band ‘The Diamonds’. This girl band is a pop, girly band that attracts the younger and teen audience. The song that will be used in the music video is ‘Potential Break-up song’ by Aly and AJ. These two singers are teenage pop sensations in America which reflects what I wanted to represent in my own music video. I have chosen this particular song as I find it has a lot of attitude to it as I could work with a lot of the lyrics. As inspiration, I looked up music videos of young pop singers such a Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. In terms of creating a front cover for the album and an advert advertising the song, I also looked at young popular artists album covers and adverts for inspiration.
Introduction Paragraph 2 In terms of narrative, theorists such as Andrew Goodwin and Barthes have made theories about music videos in todays society. Andrew Goodwin (1992) suggested 6 ideas of the codes and conventions of music videos.
Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics eg. dancing protagonist or a love story narrative
A relationship between the visuals and lyrics
Relationship to the music to the song and the visuals
Many close ups of the artist
Voyeuristic treatment of the femal body (male gaze)
Intertextual references to TV, shows, and other music videos eg. Lady Gaga - telephone

Barthes suggested the establishment of plot/theme. This is then developed into the problem, an enigma, increase in tension, and finally the resolution of the plot. Paragraph 3 In terms of my own music video, the lyrics tell a story already
through the narrative. Clearly there is the story of a couple
potentially breaking up, due to the boyfriend not acting like a real
boyfriend. The dancing protagonists (the girlband) are shown performing the song in a visually entertaining way. The antagonist of the video (the ex boyfriend) is also shown trying to make up with the main girl of the band however her status has grown and she no longer wants him. One shot that is interesting in my video shows the girl of the band singing directly into the camera with a happy expression on her face as she has the high status. Behind her is her boyfriend looking upset and begging for her forgiveness. This creates a narrative structure where the women of the video have a higher status than the men which is not common in music videos nowadays eg. rap and hip hop.
The girls are seen having fun without the boy after he had hurt the main singer of the band eg. a girl party scene. Paragraph 4 Even though my music video has a story to it,
it does not follow many of the narrative theories. It does
not apply to the circular narrative (where the story starts
at the end) My music video always goes back to the same shots
and i have used this inspiration by watching other videos. The narrative
of the video shows audiences the issue of reverse roles and the woman
being in charge of the man and putting him in his place.
If i were to put my video in a particular narrative, it would have to be
the linear narrative as it follows in a storyline and follows the lyrics to the
song which is also one of Goodwins six suggestions of a music video. Paragraph 5 The colourful and feel-good music video
is clearly aimed for the children/teenage
age range and i have chosen this sort of video
as i like to watch fast paced videos with many shots
and images visually connecting to the lyrics. For example,
the song talks about a birthday and i include a birthday
cake scene where the protagonist is blowing out
her candles by herself. This gives the audience a chance to
connect the visual images and lyrics together, so that when
they listen to the song, all they remember is the music video
which i plan to achieve from my target audience.
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