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Regus SEO

Understanding how SEO works

Amira Younis

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Regus SEO

Which part you play?
What is it?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.
Where we all sit in Online Marketing
SEO is part of SEM
How to succeed?
How we can succeed
What is SEO?
By abiding by Search Engine guidelines; we aim to rank high within SERP's - thus naturally driving users to our website over competitors.

•Variety of techniques used to maximize our search engine rankings.
•SEO refers to our websites ability to be recognised by all of the major search engines worldwide
- Keyword Research

- Meta Data: Relevant updates to H1 tags Titles, Descriptions and Keywords

- On-page Content: keyword usage

- Up-to-date robots.txt files: allows our pages to be crawled by Google's Spiders

- Canonicalisation

- 301 Redirects

- Creating XML sitemaps: correctly indexed by Google

-Removal of site errors: i.e. duplicate content
Google Analytics
Google Adwords
Keyword Tools
Web Rank and Link Checkers
Reporting Tools:
Page design
National Events
New Platforms
Observing search behaviour in SE
New algorithms
SEO: Organic traffic driven to site using observation of user search behaviour. Requires continual analysis of user demands and quality of content
PPC: Direct Marketing designed to attract enquirers
Working together hand in hand with other departments - we can work in a streamlined fashion - balance
I look after APAC !
Google Panda Update:

Scored websites on content and user-experience

Reduce the prominence of websites with:
-‘thin’ content
-low quality
-duplicate content
-other site-quality metrics e.g. high advert-to-content ratios
Imagine the World Wide Web as a network of stops in a big city subway system.
-The link structure of the web servers bind all of the pages together.
What is considered in SEO?
Page Titles : Essential to maintain keywords and relevant to actual page

Keywords :
o Building blocks of a search
o Allows Search Engines to retrieve data faster
o Spelling, Punctuation and Capitalisation
o Check demand using Google Adwords

Tags :
oTitle tags:
Critical element of user experience and SEO
- Appears on the top of internet browsing software
- Most important place to use keywords

oMeta Tags
Provides information about a websites content
Links :
oAnchor Text
oTrust Rank
o"Fresh Rank"
oSocial Media Sharing
oPartnership Badges

oEssential to a search engine friendly design
oAllows guests to navigate a website with ease
oProvides links back to each previous page

•Established Brand

•Website is up to date

•Repeat Custom

•First Impressions of Website


•Exposure to continual updates from Major SE

•Not keeping up with Business trends in the area of social media

•Increase awareness through social media presence

•Fix website deficiencies

•Increase website traffic and conversion by using SEO tools

•Link Building

•Call to action - (Targeting points of interest onsite)

•Website layout

•Social Media Presence

•Lack of Keyword use

•Dealing with website errors

•Missing content i.e.web pages without titles
SWOT analysis
Social Media: Creation of brand awareness through networking with blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest etc
Link Building
-Who found us and how?

-Direct Navigation / Referral Traffic/ Organic Search Traffic/ PPC

-Tracking conversion rates allow us to understand what efforts are working or not

-Cost of Customer acquisition

-Analyse our demographics in order to determine the best outlets from which they can be reached
Why do we monitor?
•We all want to be #1

•Helps increase exposure to the public

•Facilitates Brand Awareness

•Search Results can target local businesses
Why is understanding SEO Important to you?
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