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Career Counseling with LGBT Clients

No description

Jessica Brousseau

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Career Counseling with LGBT Clients

Career Counseling with LGBT Clients
Sexual Orientation- determined by whom a person is sexually attracted to and is identified as straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual
Transgender- a person whose gender identity or behavior deviates significantly from what traditional culture deems appropriate for their biological sex at birth
Includes transvestites, transgenderists, transsexuals, androgynous, and intersex persons
History of Career Counseling with LGBT Clients
1994 National Career Development Association (NCDA) Conference in Albuqurque, NM
Corteau and Bieschke (1996)
1995 NCDA in San Francisco, CA
1998 ACA Convention
Unique Challenges Faced by LGBT Persons
Identity confusion
Guarding sexual orientation
Coming out
Dual-career relationships
Discrimination and prejudice
Gender transition
Counselor Self-Preparation
Inventory of unconscious bias
Multicultural awareness
Workshops, literature, participating in LGBT culture
Understand process of homosexual identity development
Understand process of coming out
Understand gender transition and issues that may arise from transition
"10% of people are gay or lesbian. With the population of the US recently reaching 300 million, this approximates 30 million or more Americans. More than 40 million Americans are 10-19 years old, thus, using the 10% approximation, more than 4 million adolescents and young adults my be predominantly or exclusively homosexual."
(Datti, 2009, p. 54)
Theory in LGBT Career Counseling
Krumboltz's Social Learning Theory of Career Decision Making (SLTCDM)
Career choice based on:
(1) Genetics and special abilities
(2) Environmental and conditional events
(3) Associative learning experiences
(4) Task approach skills
Client-Focused Interventions
Discuss issue of coming out in the workplace/school
Interview response training
Offer specific programming for LGBT clients
Address issues of discrimination in the workplace
Dual-career couples counseling
Help clients overcome internalized negative stereotypes
Transgender specific interventions:
Discuss gender transition in workplace/school
Helping transgender clients with job search
Program Focused Interventions
Interventions programmatic in scope and implemented in an agency or institution
Providing information on LGBT networks of professionals
Providing information on existing local LGBT community resources
Offer special programming
Arrange career shadowing opportunities with LGBT professionals
Facilitate cooperative education placements in LGBT owned/operated businesses
Establish mentoring programs
Advocacy/Social Action Interventions
Lobbying for inclusion of sexual orientation in local nondiscrimination policies
Knowing and providing information to clients on:
Geographic location and size of LGBT communities in area
Employment policies and equal employment opportunity statements of local businesses
Local and federal nondiscrimination laws
How to construct affirming work environments
Research/Counseling Limitations
Lack of research:
Lesbians underrepresented in research
Bisexual vocational behavior not commonly studied
Literature on transgender career counseling virtually nonexistent
Career assessment:
Concerns over reliability/validity of traditional career assessment instruments
Use of "homemade" measures
Counselor training:
Psychology students often unprepared due to inadequate training
Topic of LGBT career development issues limited, insufficient, dated in most textbooks
Jaclyn Dailey and Jessica Brousseau
Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling
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