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History of Puppets

A short history of puppets.

Glenn Matthies

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of History of Puppets

The history and the fun
By: Alex Follin and Glenn Matthies
The scariest puppet of them all............
~Puppetry originated in India.
~Then shortly after the Japanese came out with Bunraku
~In Asia they created shadow puppets
~Puppetry was loud and boisterous
Today puppets are considered to be for children only.
There are many types of puppets today such as sock puppets, felt puppets, finger puppets and ones made from paper bags.
~In 421 BC puppet were found in Athens, Greece
~1600s In France Punch and Judy were marionettes and then in the 1800s they became glove puppets
Punch and Judy Show
~ Founded in the late 1600s
~Longest running children's show
~Very violent but funny
Greeks and Romans placed ivory puppets in children's tombs.
Famous puppets!!!!
There are many famous puppets like Punch and Judy. Some of the most famous puppets are the Muppets that were created by Jim Henson.
The Muppets
Ms. Bianchi & Ms. Orr
More Famous Puppets
Many great children's movies and shows use puppets. Such as Sesame Street, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, and Star Wars.
~Chinese puppetry goes back as far as 2,000 years ago.
~It was called pi ying xi or "the theater of the lantern shows"
~It was based solely on shadow puppets.
In Europe there were two groups of puppeteers:
Privileged theater preformers &
Outcasted street performers.
They used mostly string puppets which are better known as Marionettes.
African puppets are used for ceremonies, ritual dramas, and for entertainment.


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