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medicine in the 1700s

the medicine in 1700s

Danielle Tate

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of medicine in the 1700s

Medicine in the 1700's medical researcher made some stdounting discoveries. William Harvey found out how clood moved through the body while Anton van Leeuwenhoek had used a microscope to find red blood cells, bacteria, and protozoa. Edward Jenner invented the vaccination and finding out the relationship between cowpox and small pox Vitamin & Drugs Vitamins were discoverd to have and importance to health. Drugs were made and the vaccination was perfected by Edward Jenner Plants were used for medicine. Some examples are: Prickly Ginseng-it is used to aid digestion,cure hepatitus C,lower blood perssuse, and increase stamina. Yarrow-it can counter poisoning but must be eaten quickly. Wormwood-it can get rid of parasites. But those were only three of the many used today and then. Ginseng Yarrow Wormwood Plants Used For Medicine Then And Today Medicial research then was performed on dead boddies. Scientists would hire Graverobbers to find and bring back dead people to research with. Medical Research Then Medical Research Now Scientists don't need to steal dead boddies anymore. Today we have machines that can help us look into the human body without causing anyharm to the person. We also have different machines that are for one specific part of the human body.
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