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Whole Foods

No description

Ana McBride

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Whole Foods

An Ethical Assessment
Sebastian Acosta
Nora Areikat
Michael Aronoff
Mike Kimpel
Ana McBride

Whole Foods started out in Austin, TX in 1978. It was opened by John Mackey...

Company History
and CEOs
Company Culture:

2. Team Members
3. Suppliers
4. Community
5. Shareholders
6. Government Agencies

Meeting the Quality Standards they Guarantee their Customers for Organic Food

Providing More Money to Producers and Suppliers

Ensuring Better “Fair” Wages and Working Conditions

Utilizing Competent Environmental Practices

Decent and Humane Treatment of Animals

Eliminating All Genetically Modified Products in their Stores whenever possible

Whole Foods Core Values:

- Where does your food come from?
- Whole Foods History and CEOs
- Company Culture
- Ranking of stakeholder groups
- Social Responsibility
- Core values
- Whole Foods and the Media
- Is Whole Foods ethical?

Whole Foods has a company culture which focuses on employee training and development. It has been voted one of the best companies to work for. Whole Foods fosters a culture which motivates employees to work hard and develop their talents. They have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.

Because employees are treated well, promoted and are offered incentives, they are happy with what they do and provide good customer service. The number one stakeholder for Whole Foods is the customer.

Stakeholder Groups:
Socially Responsible
Is Whole Foods Ethical After All?


They strive to please all primary stake holders

Whole Foods has set up different foundations to help not only the local community but also the global community

They are doing their part to try to bring healthy and fresh food to people and promote healthy habits

Whole Foods and the Media

John Mackey
Walter Robb
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