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No description

Sara Al-Rashed

on 16 December 2013

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By:Sara AlRashed

Slaves are at the bottom of the social pyramid
There were 2 main groups
Enslaved house servants
Enslaved field hands
House servants were a tiny bit more respected than field hands
Slaves weren't only physically trapped but also there psychologically trapped. Some slaves end up having mental problems if they're really desperate to escape.
Slaves are all African decent
During the American Revolution period, slaves started being rebellious and actually achieving something.
Free Blacks
Most Free Blacks were former slaves who either rebelled against their masters, ran away, emancipated by state law or manumitted by their former masters.
America's free blacks population skyrocketed during the American Revolution.
Free Blacks didn't enjoy the same rights as whites.
Free Blacks worked in a large range of skilled jobs and made huge change to their communities!
Free Blacks also owned property
Free Blacks were part of the lower class and at the bottom of the social triangle
Farmers were in between the lower class and middle class.
Farmers where white and often had a small family and lived in the plantation.
These plantations mostly grew cash crops like, tobacco, wheat and corn.
White farmers worked along side slaves in the plantation.
They worked the farms with the labor of only their own families - father, mother and children - and perhaps one or two slaves or hired help.
The Middling or the Middle class worked in skilled jobs such as, a teacher, a craftsmen and small merchants. Jobs that made a fair amount of money.
Middle class owned property
During the American Revolution the Middle class grew significantly.
Upper class Loyalists were stripped off there land and most Middle class men claimed it.
Rarely you would find a 'middling' in public office, but they can vote.
Free Blacks

Gentry or Upper class is the top of them all there basically the ruling class
Gentry were the most hurt during the Revolution, they were stripped off their land, money, title and in some cases their lives. (Loyalist reasons)
Gentry often got hereditary titles
The Gentry were made up of large Landowners, very wealthy Merchants, Financiers, Lawyers, Doctors and Minsters
Gentry held most leadership roles in the community.
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