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Business @ KDHS starts with BTT10 - Information and Communication Technology. This course will give you the tools to become a confident student by teaching real world skills you begin using immediately and in all classes.

Rob Jasey

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Business

Multimedia Solutions BBB4M
International Business BAT4M
Principles of
Financial Accounting IDC4U
Building Financial Literacy BDI3C
Introduction to
Studies ICS3C
Intoduction to Programming BTA3O
Information &
Communication Technology BAF3M
Accounting Fundamentals BBI2O
to Business Business
your pathway
to success Information Technology exponentially growing

must be flexible - learn how to learn new technologies / software

understand the synergy of application software

cross-platform operating systems

increase your success in other courses (spillover effect) professional quality reports research skills
organizating data
embedding photos and graphs
report layout
proper citation
Information &
Communication Technology Grade 11 Grade 12 Grade 10 Your Future Literacy: being able to read an write using the media forms of the day - Jason Ohler (90s) Grade 9 Business Students Accounting Information Technology International Business Life Skills Succeed Build
Confidence Education BOH4M
Leadership prepare you for the future 1. self-motivating
2. problem solving
Financial Literacy Problem Solving:

Understading Financial Equations
Major Purchase & Investment Decisions Self Motivating:

Benefits of Planning Ahead
Life-Events Awareness
Knowledge of Systems
Course Provides:

"Life-Events" Reference Notes
Financial Plan for Post-Secondary Education
Understanding of Estate Planning and Wills
Understanding Stock, Money, & Derivative Markets
Understanding of Business and Gov't Interaction
Techniques for Investing

Comprehensive Business
http://samsa.biz (BTT

Financial Education
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