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Bringing Coaching to Personal Training

Understand how to integrate coaching skills into personal training

Dane Boyle

on 6 March 2012

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Transcript of Bringing Coaching to Personal Training

What is Coaching?
Coaching is a process that helps people see where they want to go, and how to get there.
Connect Stated Goals to Deeper Motivation
and core values
Help Clients Be Specific
about their stated goals

"Tell me what makes this important to you?"
Curiosity removes any hint of judgement
or disapproval
Adopt an Attitude of
"Being Curious"

If you listen, rather than give advice, your
client might begin to connect the dots of
change themselves
What might you do this week to help
add movement this week?
STOP telling clients what they should do, and begin asking what they are willing to do
Most clients have experienced failed attempts in the past...Clients should feel good about every little step they master, and that you are their partner-- not their judge and jury.
Focus on what's going well
Be prompt and prepared
Personal Trainer -
Client Relationship

Establish credibility
Always being prompt respcts your client's time
Practice introduction
Skill set
Why did you choose to become a trainer
Business card
Create a positive first impression
Tip #1
Develop trust
The development of trust begins with follow through
Maintain confidentiality
Establish Trust
Tip #2
Be present
Be interested
Practice active listening
Reflecting what you have heard back to the client assures them that you are listening, care and are understanding
Examine your active listening skills
Tip #3
Practice emotional intelligence
Tip #4
Give and receive feedback
Show positive regard
Accept your clients where they are
Self-awareness: read one's emotions
Self-management: control your emotions
Social awareness: sense, understand, and react to social networks
Relationship management:
Model a healthy lifestyle
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