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Hurray 4 Condoms !

Thibault Juillard

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of ICondoms

successfull start-up
Completly respectfull for you and the environnement
100% Natural feel
Revolutionary New Materials
Fun Products
10 different colors
Fun quotes on them !
IComdom App!
The "latexone"
Previous advertising campaign
Iphone Aplication
"I'll not be your father"
"You shall not pass !"
no idea
Our products
Get some!
Strict quality tests
General direction:
Durivault R.
Production and Research:
Juillard T.
Marketing and Advertizing:
Chipault B.
Our store in New York:
Strategic requirements:
Prevention Goals:
- Advertisement is one of the key for an efficiency expansion of our market.

- We require at least 1000 posters of any sizes for a good advertising.

- As contraception is one of the current major human issue, advertising gets even more important.

- All the necessary work for advertising is shared with associations from a financial and a creative viewpoint.
Our advertisement:
Example of advertisements in New York.

4 millions condoms sold per month in 2010.
- Importance of those cities :
Permit the brand to be well known and spread easier its products in the whole countries.
Create the opportunity to extend our market until Russia.
- At the beginning, we need 5 shops at least in each countries located in the biggest cities.
- We require 2000 dispensers in each cities mentioned.
Czech Republic :
- Prague
- Ostrava
- Vilnius
- Kaunas
- Not only a commercial goal : Icondom is also related to current major issues and humanitarian actions.

- That's why we work in cooperation with association fighting against :
- child pregnancy
- and all types of HIV.

- Each year ICondom supply 500 000 condoms in big cities from all the partner countries.
Encourage safe sex practicing.

Reduce child pregnancy and HIV epidemics.

Encourage also dialogue and interaction about what can be seen as a controversial subject.
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