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Film Techniques

No description

Stephanie Luong

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Film Techniques

Year 9: Film Techniques
Yasin Cakir ;

Film Techniques
These are the most common techniques used in film. Add a picture or clip and text to the mind-map.
The different sounds included in a film
Audio Elements
Panning shot
Types of footage
These are added to films to enhance the story in some way.
Camera Angles
High Angle
Eye level

Voice over
Artificial sound
Extreme close up
Camera Shots
Extreme Close up shot
Close up shot
Mid shot
Full shot
Long shot
Ex Long shot
The way the camera moves during filming.

Camera Movement
The angle at which the camera films its subject.
high angle
eye level
low angle
full shot
Theirs The
Tracking Shot.
The Tracking Shot
Is Used To Show
The Person Moving
Or The Vehicle Moving.
overhead shot/Birdseye view

Long shot
Mid Shot
Extreme long shot
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