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Sonnet Mini-Lesson

English 9 Sonnet lesson --Pre-Romeo and Juliet

Elisabeth Cary

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Sonnet Mini-Lesson

Sonnets have 14 lines.
Sonnets are written in iambic pentameter.
Sonnets have a specific rhyme scheme and follow a specific pattern thematically. Sonnets Features of a Sonnet Shakespearean Sonnets Format:
A quatrain is a set of four lines that rhyme.
A couplet is a rhyming pair of lines Shakespearean Sonnet The poems of love and loss in 14 lines! They look square! Iambic describes the syllables that are stressed and then unstressed.
Example: annoy, pretend, fulfill
Pentameter describes the number of iambs--five per line

(stress unstressed)+ (stress unstressed) +(stress unstressed)+ (stress unstressed) +(stress unstressed)= iambic pentameter

This creates ten syllables. It sounds like this:


Here's another example:

(Nair) Rhyme Scheme depends on the type of sonnet.
or ABBAABBA CDCDCD or CDE CDE If it is a square, it is a sonnet.
That’s what my teacher told me yesterday,
But what if I use every ounce of wit
To show that I can write it any way?
Perhaps I’ll make my sonnet be a shape
No human eye has ever seen before,
Shakespeare himself will stare with mouth agape,
He won’t be King of Sonnets anymore.
Everyone will marvel at my genius,
At how I managed such a massive feat.
For every poem I write I’ll earn A-plus
The praise and recognition will be sweet.
But wait! This sonnet did become a square.
Oh, writing poems won’t get me anywhere!
(Kathryn) three quatrains and one couplet
Romeo and Juliet: Prologue 1st quatrain: Introduces a situation, problem, or question
2nd and 3rd quatrains: expand upon the problem or question
Couplet: concludes the situation, resolves the problem or answers the question
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