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Blackburn College : Deb Millar

JISC Annual Conference 2014, Old Trafford

Deborah Kellsey Millar

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Blackburn College : Deb Millar

Our Campus...
Founded 125 years ago

Currently 16,000 students

1,200 Staff - 800 teaching staff

Provide from pre-entry up to Masters level

Town campus consisting of 10 buildings

Vocational, Sixth Form, University, Commercial and International

Recent 220,000 investment in an iLab and digital technologies

About Us...
Culture Shift project...
Almost 400 iPads across college

Users Incl. Governors, CLT, Managers, Assessors, Staff/Students

iPad carts/tray/cases in all Centres

Provide monthly utilisation stats per Centre: total bookings/ aver. utilistation/total users/average duration.

Provide Zero to Hero courses, Bitesize sessions

Communities of Practice
Deborah Millar

Resources: Mobile Devices
Innovation Lab (iLab)
A Culture Shift
Numerous initiatives:

Blended Learning Strategy

Learning Wheel model

Staff Census

Staff Development

Reflective Practice

Open Badges

Learner Entitlements

Scan to watch our College Campus Tour
Learning Wheel
ILT Specialist Practitioners
The ILT Specialist Practitioners are teaching staff remitted from 100 hours per year who promote and support the use of tech in T&L. They are located in each of the Centres. They provide bespoke sessions, 1-1 support and arrange CPD both in person and via instructional videos. They facilitate communities of practice/discovery for staff sharing knowledge, skills, issues, best practice.
Scan to hear our staff views
Resources: Moodle
Moodle 2.5.4
Currently 8,982 active users (approx 56%)
5,500 courses
Averaging 6,000 hits per day
Averaging 30,000 hits per week

Automatic enrolment sync College MIS
Students can access: timetables/assessment schedule/grades/bursary/Aspirational target grade on home page
Mahara ePortfolio integration
TurnItIn integration

Embedded Staff and Student HelpDesk
College Induction programme for students on VLE
Staff - How to Moodle support pages
Scan to view our Resources booking system in Moodle
Scan to view our
Moodle 2 launch
Scan to tour our Moodle
Embedding Technology in
Staff & Student Practice
Project need: to enable Blackburn College to become better equipped to enhance the learner experience/journey in an evolving learning landscape.
How do you persuade the workforce that technology is a useful tool?
Students who
actively promote technology across College... digital champions, affectionately known as DigiPals.
They represent the students on College on committees, focus groups and College events from a digital learning perspective.
How can the learner voice be used to develop a vision for the use of technology in learning?
How can we develop the whole workforce to support the use of technology in T&L?
Recognition for skills learned anywhere.
'the funding methodology should encourage ‘learning presence’ not ‘physical attendance.'
New ILR field.
'awarding bodies to explore the use of 'open badges' to accredit learning in VLE and digital skills' - FELTAG
How do we engage and inspire teachers to fully embed tech in to T&L practice?
Staff Development
How are we measuring and evaluating the impact of technology on learning?
College wide survey driven by each Centre manager during staff development week.
Results collated and analyzed by our RSC.
Results can then inform staff development offer, key areas of weaknesses to be addressed as a priority, business planning etc.
Staff Survey
How do we build on individual teachers personal use of tech and apply it into T&L practice?
Digital Learning Design course
Tech Enabled Teachers course
Learning Wheel: Journey of discovery
Learning Wheel: Speaking Russian!
External experts
Written content
External experts
Written content
Written content
External experts
External experts
Written content
Watson, J. (n.d) Promising Practices In Online Learning, Blending Learning: The Convergence of Online and Face-to-Face Education. (1-16).Retrieved from http://www.inacol.org/research/promisingpractices/NACOL_PP-BlendedLearning-lr.pdf

Blended learning combines online delivery of educational content with the best features of classroom interaction and live instruction to:
• personalise learning
• allow thoughtful reflection
• differentiate instruction from student to student across a diverse group of learners

A blended learning approach...
Self Paced
Self Paced
Inspector Insight...
Plumbing example
"Personalised learning"
"Active Learning"
"Flexible delivery methods"
"Imaginative use of resources"
"Stretch and challenge"
Using a wider range of resources (OERs) ... new apps on the street!
Daunting for those unfamiliar or lacking confidence in digital resources.
The Wheel is a tool which translates pedagogy to technology. Speaking Russian!
Rhona Sharpe, Greg Benfield, George Roberts, Richard Francis (2006)
4 Modes of

delivered via a blend of 3 methods
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