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No description

dhanurjay patil

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of LeWeb_Paris_Patil_2012_Public

... and anything with complex processes.
Blackout of 2003
what we really are aiming for is:
New skill sets
Data scientist 2.0
Follow best practices for both software and hardware design
Make super powers
Augmentation over replacement
We need 3 step plan
to make progress
... its about about everything that moves...
1. What do you want me to take away?
An Example
20,000 planes operating right now
43,000 engines spinning
expect 30,000 more engines in 15 years
1% in fuel ~ $30B over next 15 years
An instrumented life cycle
2. What do you want me to do?
3. How do you want me to feel?
6,233 kg or 13,740 lbs
18 fan blades spinning at 1,242 ft/sec
Discharge temp = 1,325F
4000 parts
290 parameters 16x per second
Connected Devices can impact $32.3 trillion over the next 15 years
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